Countdown for the new e-boxer Forester has began! If all goes as planned, new car arrives to my dealer in December and I can pickup it. So roughly three months of waiting still.

This is a new blog, no existing reader base. I was thinking first travel blog. Then I realized that there is way too much competition. Also as an Subaru enthusiastic, it would be easier to focus to that one particular car. To the hybrid Subaru Forester! In this blog I will introduce nice places, where to visit in Finland. However the journey with the new e-boxer will be absolutely in main focus. Then these places to visit will presented a be side stories. Specially it would be interesting to see how this new car handles the Finnish winter and cold climate. Although recent years have been relatively warm. For example last February there was days when temperature was above zero Celsius. Usually February is the coldest month of the year. However temperature can be as low as minus 20 degrees (-13 F) on the area where I live. Then also loads of the snow is expected to fall down from the sky. E-boxer has been on Japanese market for a year now. I haven’t seen experiences from the real owners that much. Specially those which are written in English are not that popular at the moment. So this is exclusively blog and opportunity to follow how the new e-boxer performs during winter time and how much the cold temperature affects to the fuel efficiency and consumption. WLTP combined is 8,1 liters per 100 km. Before driving the car my estimate is that we are closer to 10 liters during the cold times.

So why I want this car, instead e.g. RAV4 hybrid? Toyota is actually quite close to Subaru in many ways. When I was thinking my shortlist, there was left only Forester and RAV4. Audi Q3 was there as an Joker but then decided to drop it off. Q3 is a SUV but in terms of size and some other features it is different car. Pricing is quite close between these Toyota and Subaru. Cargo and passenger space is quite similar. Both have AWD available. I have not yet tried new Forester. However I have consumed quite many video reviews, blog posts and other news articles of the new Forester. Almost all of those have mentioned these characteristics:

  • All around visibility, absolutely there is no other car that can offer similar
  • Ride quality comparable to the German rivals, interior is very quiet too!
  • Symmetrical AWD still extremely capable

So in my opinion those are main selling points. RAV4 has other areas where it excels but at the end, what are your personal preferences and how to valuate those preferences.  Toyota’s strong areas are excellent powertrain and it is super fuel efficient. Subaru has a slogan “better where it matters”. It works quite well. In my case those above mentioned points are very important ones, which falls to category “better where it matters”. Fuel efficiency is not that bad. It is not class leading but also keep in mind that it is not the only thing which you need take into account when thinking maintenance costs. One major aspect is how much the car value will drop during the ownership.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog, if you…

  • Love Subaru Forester
  • Are interested how the new e-boxer works in practice, e.g. during the cold winter
  • Overlanding. Expect to see some back side roads
  • Love the journeys over destinations. Meaning that the journey is the principal goal of the trip

Stay tuned, the winter experience starts soon!