e-Boxer hybrid vs non-hybrid

Soon the waiting is over and 5th generation Forester is available at local dealerships across the Europe. New car is expected to be available before the end of year 2019. Previous generation was available first both diesel and 2.0 liter petrol at Europe. Diesel was phased out at some point. This time story is bit differen. Europeans gets only the hybrid version of new Forester. Russians and north Americans have non-hybrid version. Russians have both 2.0 and 2.5 versions available, while the Americans have only 2.5 liter version available. Then Asian markets have 2.0 liter version only and no hybrid. Except Japanese friends have them all!

Here is the short comparison table of the key e-boxer specs and technical differences known so far between the hybrid and non-hybrid Forester. Fuel consumption is little better on the hybrid Forester than on others.

 4th gen 2.0 (non turbo)e-Boxer2.02.5
Tank capacity60 liters48 liters63 liters63 liters
Acceleration 0-100kmh (0-60mph)11.8 seconds11.8 seconds10,3 seconds9,5 seconds
Fuel consumption liters per 100km8,8 liters (wltp comb.)8,1 liters (wltp comb.)7 / 9 liters (hwy/city)
Fuel consumption US MPG26,7 mpg 29 mpg –33/26 (hwy/city)
Fuel consumption UK MPG32,2 mpg 34.9 mpg –39.6/31.2
Weight1649 kg1762kg1538kg1627kg
Max torgue198nm@4000rpm194nm@4000rpm + 65nm (electric)196nm@4000rpm239nm@3900rpm
Max power150hp@6200rpm150hp@5600rpm + 17hp (electric)150hp@6000rpm185hp@5800rpm

Interestingly e-Boxer with 2.0 liter gasoline is slower in acceleration than regular 2.0 Forester. Specs says that 0-100km/h takes 11.8 seconds. It is not bad but certainly not fast. I believe this is due heavier weight. Battery increases weight roughly 100kg. Battery pack sits on the rear axle, Subaru claims e-Boxer to have better weight distribution. Also there has been some speculation that the petrol engine would be Atkinson cycle based, which is quite common with hybrids. Though the e-boxer offers torque more than previous non-hybrid version. That should provide pleasant driving feeling when going through stop and go type of traffic, overtaking and in merging highways.


  1. Hello, I have been driving our eboxer for a few months now and would like to comment on the fuel consumption. 8,1 is on the higher side. Pure highway miles, if one drives sensibly, kann be even 6,0. Mixed driving results between 7 and 8.
    Regarding 0-100kmph, I’ve not tested this but would like to say that the car also has a sport mode where acceleration is definitely faster.

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    1. There is many attributes that affects to the fuel consumption. So it is totally possible to have fuel consumption you mentioned. My average is somewhere around 8,5litres per 100 km. During summer I tried kind of “hypermiling” and had 4,9 liters at 50 km route.

      How is your Forester been otherwise?


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