Finally I had a chance to test drive the new eboxer Forester! This was so long wait but today it paid off. It is October 2019 and I am waiting at the local dealership, finding the salesman if car is available for the test drive. I got little hint earlier that there would be a Chinese pre-production car for a test spin. Finally I was able to agree with the salesperson and she gave the keys for me. Only 20 minutes test drive but that is still more than ever before with this car. It was super interesting to see how it would meet the expectations I had beforehand. I have been studying quite much what other youtubers thinks about the car. I have also red virtually all available articles what you can find via Google.

So there was few key things I was expecting. First of all there would be a super good visibility. Then the new Subaru Global Platform has been praised a lot. It should be comfortable, nice and quiet ride. Then from the negative expectations many has said that car is sluggish and underpowered. Even now when there is now this new electrified hybrid version, the performance is not there where it should be. So against these expectations it was my turn to experiment what I think.

I clicked start button and car powered up instantly. I can’t recall anything odd in that. Normal Subaru gauge sweep, which is still nice! But then the initial impression when I started to move car at parking area. It moved so nicely and smoothly! Once I got away from the parking area and started to accelerate bit more aggressively. Car responded very well indeed. Just to remember, it is not a sports car. Never meant to be one. But in normal driving, with calm style it works well. Even when accelerating to 100km/h, which was limit on the fastest part of my route. Car reached target speed with ease. Engine did have some noise to the cabin but not excessive loud. Certainly not too much. I have experiences from previous generation Forester (MY13 to be exact) and it was on the loud side when accelerating. New hybrid had noise but not too much. From the performance point of view, I would not be worried based on this short test drive period.So in that sense expectations versus reality was better. Car seems to have enough power. Of course I didn’t have a chance to test e.g. passing slower traffic. That we will see later. Very promising at this point still.

Then the visibility. It is exceptional good! You’ll need to try this, then you understand why everybody is speaking of the visibility. During the road trip, it is so easy to see what is around. In the city driving, you will notice kamikaze bicyclist early enough, on the backyard roads you will be able to do u-turns easily… or just try to park your car in the mall garage. This is a big car but with good all-around visibility it is easy to take advantage of every possible inch.

Among with powertrain performance I was curious, how would the much praised Subaru Global Platform work on Finnish roads. First, you need to know that Finnish tarmac is possibly the most roughest surface on the whole earth. Virtually all cars are noisy. Even German luxury brands struggle here. Forester has been said that the ride is comfort and it is quiet. And it was pleasantly quiet indeed in practice too. It was not a whisper quiet but close to e.g. mentioned German rivals. Also in terms of ride quality. Which was smooth and firm at same time. Don’t know how Subaru did that, but they did a great job!

I loved the car very much. Well done Subaru! Not a bad try for a first iteration of hybrid car. They managed to have all important aspects of the brand used to offer but then also improved weaknesses what previous generation had. Five out of five!

If there is any other details, you would to know about the new e-boxer, let me know! You may comment blog post below or use the contact form in private.