E-boxer accessories published

I noticed that Subaru has published accessories related to the new Forester 2020 e-BOXER. That is interesting since whole full brochure is missing currently. There is only available presales brochure at the moment. Full version should be available anytime soon, since the car arrives to the dealers during December or early January.

From the accessories I found few items quite interesting. First are these gray alloy wheels. Seems to be very nice, at least to my eyes. These are 17″ size. On the catalog there should be 18″ black wheels too but for some reason image is not shown at the moment on any Subaru web site.

Then the second interesting item I found from the catalog was this honeycomb front grill. Need to think if it would be worth of upgrading grill some day. It gives bit sportiness to the front fascia , doesn’t it?

The third interesting item was interior feet illumination. I guess this one is the most unnecessary from the group. But it looks cool. Only thing is that Subaru does not tell does it lit all the time or only when doors are opened. This I need to find out any time soon. Or if you have knowledge, please comment below!

On the other hand, the most important accessory would be the trunk floor mat. I have noticed that on American Youtube videos, they have different texture available on the floor mat than presented here. I guess the American version is bit more stylish. Wish it would be available here as well!

I suggest you to browse your local Subaru website for more information. There was plenty of other accessories available too but those mentioned on this blog post, was the most appealing ones to me.

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