Subaru Netherlands says on their website that the new e-BOXER Forester has arrived. It took 45 days to travel from Kobe, Japan to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Quite a long trip! On the video it is shown that ship called Höegh Jacksonville delivers these cars to the harbor. Capacity of that ship is whopping 6500 cars. That should be enough to deliver preordered cars for the customers. At the moment it is unclear how the cars are distributed to other European countries. For example the Finnish harbor Hanko was missing from the ship’s schedule. So that hints that cars are distributed either with other ship or directly with transport trucks. It was told before that northern European countries are the first ones which gets cars to the dealership. German Subaru page says that the new hybrid Forester is available from March 2020. So there is still some unclarity how this goes eventually. Local dealer says that cars are available late December or early January. So it still some weeks before the official launch date.

For better or worse… car is here very soon!