Subaru Badge of Ownership

Subaru’s way to thank for choosing their brand. You are able to customize your own badge at their web site. Very cool thing! Small badges/decals that have strong glue on the back. Then place them to the tail gate of your Subaru. Although personally I would not to stick these to car paint but there are alternative places as well where you could put these. E.g. inside of photo frame as shown below.

First you need to select your “loyalty number”, which represents is it your first, second or third Subaru. Numbers goes all the way to 10+. Once that is selected then you may choose as many lifestyle icons as you want. There is quite big selection to choose from. Total of 53.

Only downside of this Badge of ownership is that this is available only the citizens of United States. Or at least you will need address from the US where to ship to these. Maybe someday Subaru starts to ship these badge to overseas as well. Very neat and nice thing that differs from other brands.

New e-BOXER coming soon, I need to start figuring out how to get my renewed badge of ownership. Maybe trip to the America it is?

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