Brochures published

Just a quick reminder that this blog is still alive. It has been interesting to see that some comments has added already to the articles. Also one private message received through the contact form. Adventure Forester Blog seems to start to build up and gather other Forester owners or enthusiastics around the corner. Blog is roughly one month old by now, so I think this is pretty great thing already. So thank you for readers already at this point! More is to come during year 2020 and hopefully more comments from the readers as well.

It has been a long wait already and some weeks still ahead before the new e-Boxer arrives. Snow has came already and it is very icy and slippery outside. We just came from the grocery shop. Winter conditions reminded me that how pleasant it would be with a proper AWD to drive through all the snowy roads. Or just like few days ago on the work trip and there was a massive rainy conditions with absolutely minimal visibility. I was thinking that Forester would be right car for these type of conditions. It is still bit unclear do I get the car still at December or is it early January.

Subaru has published the official brochures at their web sites. I have collected few links of those. Note that not all possible links are here. So if your country is missing, I’m sure it is available through the official Subaru web site. As a side note. There is no new information available on the brochures. All the information was well known beforehand already. But it is nice to have these instead of the “preview” version, which was on their web site already some time. There is however slight differences between trim levels across countries. Nordic countries can’t have brown leather interior while central Europe seems to get those. UK does not get Harman/Kardon audio while others gets that.



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