Best in class child safety

Subaru Forester gets maximum five star rating in the Euro NCAP test for the eight time in a row. This is very impressive achievement. New e-Boxer Forester gets top scores in every possible category. Child protection got 91% scoring and adults even better whooping 97% score. In the US Forester got Top Safety Pick+ mentioning and in Japan NCAP Grand Prix award. This shows that Subaru is very dedicated to the passenger safety. It starts to remind Volvo what comes to safety. Americans includes also headlights tests to their system. That I think it should be included also on Euro NCAP in the future. Very important aspect while driving outside of the city boundaries.

From the new safety features available most interesting is the Driver Monitoring System which monitors the driver and alerts if focus is somewhere else than in driving. It also adjusts driver’s seat, mirrors and air conditioning accordingly for up to 5 persons. It is probably not the first system at the market but certainly first in this price point. Very convenient if family has more than one driver. Another great safety feature is the rear crossing alert when reversing with the car. This same feature is available basically with every modern safety focused brand nowadays. But it is super important as it detects even approaching children.

It was interesting to do little research if Subaru has anything to say of their safety development. Actually they do. They have published whole history from the 1960 to today. Below is a “crash course” of the progress and here is the link to the Subaru official site.

  • 1960 Realistic crash tests and crash test dummies
  • 1979 Leone 4WD: the propeller shaft and differential are designed to split and drop down during a collision.
  • 1989 First generation Legacy released. The model became the Subaru’s new safety standard
  • 1993 Second generation Legacy: The rigidity of frameless car bodies that provide protection against offset collisions is increased for even higher levels of collision safety.
  • 2003 Car-to-Car crash tests: To improve safety even further, construction of crash test facilities that recreate actual crash conditions is completed
  • 2008 EyeSight released
  • 2010 EyeSight v2
  • 2014 EyeSight with color cameras
  • 2016 Impreza based on the Subaru Global Platform released

What is your favorite safety feature of the new e-Boxer Forester? Please, comment down below!

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