It is early October in 2019. I am constantly seeking information of the new 2020 Subaru Forester e-Boxer. I think that all possible articles have been red already. Suddenly I remember that there is at least one Chinese pre-production unit in Finland as an demo car for Subaru dealers. That car is currently roughly 600km away from my location. This I studied some time ago already from one local car forum. But new idea was that maybe I could email to my dealer if he knows something about this mysterious car. Actually this dealer is also quite far away but if I could get some hints if the demo car comes closer to my location. To my surprise he responded to my email quite quickly. Demo car will be closer my location some days after mid October for few days. This dealer where the car will be present is actually rival to my dealer but it doesn’t matter. Contract has been made already.

Some calculations. I can make it work pretty well if I can go there exactly at 16.00 on that particular day. This needs some co-operation from my wife. Normally I pick-up our kid from the day-care. She arrives home after 17.00 usually. So I need her earlier on that day. I made a booking to calendar, which is shared with my wife. She needs to know and remember that day. Then I sent a text message about the case. Which she replied “ok”.

Few weeks passed quickly and day before the test drive I mentioned to her that I need to go there early enough. I have no clue if there is lots of other customers and how many demo cars there will be. Dealer’s shop will be closing at 18.00 anyways. She promised to come early enough.

Next day I was finishing my work at the office. Luckily we have flexible working hours, so at least I can make sure to leave early enough. Pickup my kid, go to home and wait wife to be arrived. That was the plan. All went fine until there was a “surprise” meeting needed which would last to 16.00. As a real meeting hero I rushed that meeting to go faster. Finishing it at 15.45. Quickly to garage, drive to the day-care and then home. At traffic lights I noticed SMS message from my wife. “It will take bit longer at work today and after work I will go to the grocery shop. Anything I need from the shop?”. What? So no test drive, I though. Then I replied to her “Is it absolutely necessary to go grocery shop today? Send me list and I will go to the grocery shop after the test drive session”. Well, apparently there was no need to go shop after all. She replied that shop can wait till tomorrow.

Time is now 20 minutes past four at afternoon already. I checked from the iPhone Friends Finder that where is she. I need to go soon to make this work. I had coat already on. At 16.30 she finally came. At this time of the day traffic might not flow that well and it might take 30 minutes to drive to the dealer. So it will be closer to 17.00 before I am there. Luckily it took only 15 minutes to get there. There was no problems with traffic.

I parked my car to free slot. Briefly checked if there is e-Boxer Foresters at yard but couldn’t see any. This started to be bit nervous for me. I entered in to the shop. At entrance there was one new hybrid waiting. I also noticed some customers and one suit man talking to the customers. I realized that this suit guy is not salesman, he is from Subaru Finland. I waited my turn some time to get his attention but he was so busy with other customers. So I decided to check and examine the new car. Front seat, then back seat. Back to front. Open trunk. Test the famous “soft touch feeling test” and that type of stuff. After a while I was waiting again his attention. Finally after waiting I was able to discuss with him and ask if there was a demo car available. He replied “Sure! Let’s find the salesperson, she can arrange it”. And this salesperson was all the time available there. How come I didn’t notice her! Long waited test drive finally is possible! She gave me 20 minutes slot to drive car. That is not much, I silently thought. But it is still much greater experience than just watching others Youtube videos about the car.

Somehow I was so excited to drive the car that I wasn’t able to check all possible features of the car. Though there was also this 20 minutes time limit, which gave me extra pressure to be back in time. So I drove quick trip. Wondering outwards visibility testing the everyday performance of the car. Judging new Subaru Global Platform and so on. Car itself was a positive surprise! It felt very good and it was shame to give keys for the next customer.

Back inside the shop salesperson was very interested how was the car and if I would like to have a quotation. Now I needed to be very polite and tried to avoid that question. Because there was nothing wrong with the car itself but car was preordered many months ago already from other dealer. This was something that I didn’t want to reveal to them. There was also other twist. I did ask offer from this dealer too at spring. Still waiting it.