Forester e-Boxer models explained

Interestingly enough Subaru imports different models to the Europe and some countries have different features and options available than others. Differences are not huge but some exists. Subaru is a small player in the Europe, so logically thinking it would be vice to bring same models to all countries. But I am sure they know what they are doing. Most likely they have done their market research. Here is some examples of different countries and differences between trim levels.

Nordic Countries

Let’s start with Nordic countries. This group includes Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Denmark. Norway is excluded as they have own sales company. There is 4 different trim levels to choose from, where Base is the entry level and while Summit is the top level. Below I am picking key features included and excluded from each trim level.

Trim levels

  • Base
  • Active
  • Ridge
  • Summit


Base has includes most of the available safety features, including steering responsive led headlights. However some very interesting safety features are missing from this trim level. Missing features are e.g. auto low/high beam, Side View Camera, Drive Monitoring System and automatic braking when obstacle detected while reversing. Driver’s seat is manually adjustable and tail gate is also manually operable. Which might be a good thing for some people. Interestingly Base model includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Which is bit surprising for the entry level – in a positive way!


Active brings missing elements from the Base model. It also introduces keyless start, heated steering wheel and heated back seat. Privacy rear windows are included. Driver’s cloth seat is 8-way adjustable in this trim level.


This trim level has leather seats, built-in TomTom navigation system and electronic tail gate.


This includes moon roof, Harman/Kardon audio with 9 speakers and 18″ wheels. Interestingly only black leather available in Ridge & Summit. No brown option.

In conclusion it seems that Active brings most of the features onboard, Ridge and Summit adds quite little.


UK has only two trim levels available

  • 2.0i XE Lineatronic
  • 2.0i XE Lineatronic Premium

Premium is almost identical with the Finnish Summit version. Only thing which I could find missing was the Harman/Kardon sound system. So Premium adds features such as 18″ wheels, moonroof, leather seats, power tailgate and built-in navigation system. Brown leather missing too from the UK selection.


NL has 3 different trim levels available

  • Comfort
  • Luxury
  • Premium

Missing key features on Comfort level are privacy rear windows, Reverse Automatic Braking, Keyless Start/Stop.

Luxury includes side view monitor, power tailgate, driver monitoring and automatic reverse braking system.

Premium brings heated steering wheel, heated back seats, 18″ wheels and the moonroof. Here the most interesting finding is that the NL has brown leather available on Premium trim. Very interesting decision.


Germany has also four trim levels as our “reference group” Nordic countries. Trim levels are named differently there and content is different too. Also there is available one very localized feature. Which I believe comes from the competition by domestic brands.

Trim levels

  • Trend
  • Active
  • Comfort
  • Platinum

Note that in Germany Comfort is the second best trim as NL has similarly labeled trim but that is the entry level trim there.


If we start by looking what are the missing features here. List is quite long alike as the case is in Base (Nordics). Emergency braking when reversing, Driver Monitoring System, 8 way electrically adjustable driver’s seat, power tailgate, leather seats, heated steering wheel, navigation system, side view camera, keyless start/stop go and tinted rear windows.

Optional feature is Subaru Exklusiv, which is speacial leather seats with many different colors to choose from! This is available to all trim levels. This is not a new for the 5th generation Forester, it was already offered to the prior model.


Compared to entry level, in Active you get following features. Driver Monitoring System, automatic hi/low beams, emergency braking when reversing, 8-way adjustable driver’s seat with memory function, power tailgate, heated steering wheel, heated back seats


In addition to Active you get only navigation system. So very little difference between these two! Price difference is exactly 1000€.


Here comes quite many features, which are missing from other trim levels. Harman/Kardon audio system, silver stitching in the interior, leather seats (brown, black or Subaru Exklusiv), 18″ wheels and moonroof.

Which trim to choose? I would say that either Active or straight to the top Platinum trim. Thousand euros for the TomTom navigation seems to be quite much. As we have received early reports that Android Auto or Apple Car Play do the same or even better with the Google Maps.

Official trim levels
Subaru Exklusiv leather seats (available in Germany only)


It appears to be so that in Poland there is 4 trim levels available. However all features and options are exactly same as in Germany, names are just different. Only difference is this Subaru Exklusive which seems to be German only thing. Poland has Exclusive trim level but that has nothing to do with German Exklusive, which is special leather interior.

Trime levels are

  • Trend
  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive Navi
  • Platinum

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