Subaru Forester safety features

2020 Subaru Forester has tons of different safety features. Some are considered as a standard feature, which all manufacturers implements. Some features are unique for Subaru. Subaru has continually developed their safety features and they’ve said in the public that goal is in the future that no one dies or injures badly in their cars. In fact they want to manufacture the most safest cars in the world. In other words they want to be the best in safety. By looking safety features and latest crash test results, it seems that Subaru is on track! Below is listed some of the most important safety features that Subaru is offering at the moment for Forester. See more details from the brochures and check their official site too.

Key safety features


EyeSight is probably the best known safety feature of the brand. It is equipped in all models except BRZ sports car. It is something that you can’t even opt in or out. System is responsible of many different tasks. It has two cameras, which are used to monitor what happens in the front of car. It reads speed limits from the road signs, sees if you’re going to accidentally departure lane and makes emergency braking if the driver does not detect obstacles early enough. It operates up to 180 km/h. According to Subaru it can’t detect objects below 100cm. This gives an indication of the capabilities of detecting big animals, e.g. mooses. Please note! Subaru has not confirmed that it will detect animals. Just stating that it cannot see objects below 1 meter, e.g smaller childs. All the safety features included in the EyeSight system are configurable by the user. Which is use and which is not. EyeSight is considered to be the best system in this industry. It is recognized by many independent reviewers to be extremely reliable and it’s success rate is extremely high.

Driver Monitoring System

Big brother watches you? This reminds a lot of Apple’s Face ID technology. As it does what the name implicates. It monitors who came on the driver’s seat and is that person doing something else than driving car. Some may be concerned of that type of technology but based on my research it does not actually store any images of the driver on equipped onboard memory. It has set of data points which alone does not reveal any personal information, such as traditional digital image would. These data points are generated by infrared camera included in the Driver Monitor System. However it still does recognize, based on these data points,  up to 5 different persons. During driving eyes has to be on the road. Not e.g. texting on the smartphone. Or not to admire beautiful scenery during your adventures. If it notices that something else is ongoing, it will alert on the dash. It does also convenience features as it adjusts driver’s seat position, air condition preferences and mirrors for the each registered driver.

All around visibility

This is often underestimated as an safety feature. On my list, it is one of the most important ones. It is crucial to see well from the car. Let’s underline this by an example. On my area it is very common that people bicycles to their work, home, shopping, etc. During short summer we have, there is plenty of light available. That’s not the case for the rest of year. Darkness and fast bicycles would be together already deadly combination. That is not enough. Traffic rules are confusing (not an excuse to learn them), whos right is to drive first and who waits. For cars that is clear but when it is question of cars and bicycles. There is just too many exceptions. That adds risky situations to this soup. So in conclusion to avoid any kind of collisions, it is essential to see everybody clearly. Not having them hiding behind big and thick A-pillars.

Rear cross traffic alert

This system is derived from the blind spot monitoring system but is used for other purposes as well. To avoid any collisions on the parking areas, which is the most risky place for smaller damages, it is recommend to reverse to parking slot. This is always not possible or it is defined by current situation, you don’t have time to reverse to the slot in first place. Rear cross traffic alert helps in this situation. If you start to reverse and there is e.g. bicycle, car or even a child approaching behind the blind spot, system will alert you. This is extremely helpful to have.

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