Subaru Forester settings explained

When you first time drive your car, you may eagerly want to configure your personal preferences in place. Radio stations being the first thing to do! There is more than just setting the radio stations. There is actual 3 different menus where you can configure settings. These 3 places can be found from each display. First is the main dash display between tachometers , second is called as Multi function display (MFD), which can be found from top of the dashboard and then Subaru’s Starlink 8″ display. These instructions applies to all current Forester models, including the hybrid Forester. Some may say that there is a display clutter! Don’t worry, here these displays are explained and you can find the recommended settings too.

Setting radio stations on Subaru Starlink

Let’s start with the most important settings. At least this was the first thing for me to do. Of course I do listen Spotify too very often, which is by the way joy to use via Apple Car Play. Radio has its place and moments too. Specially during morning when I am driving to work. Morning shows are quite nice things to listen. First you need to find right station, this can be done using “Show all stations menu” from upper right corner. Once you are listening station you would like to have quick access. See bottom of the display. There is 6 slots available. Press any of those slots for few seconds and you have set your first favorite! Repeat the process for rest of the stations.

Resetting Odometer on Subaru Forester

Just in case if you wonder how to reset odometer (trip meter). It took me few minutes to find it. First I searched all possible places but it was waaayyy too obvious. There is button on left hand side labeled “TRIP”. There is A and B trip available. These can be reset by pressing button for few seconds.

Subaru Driver Recognition settings

Car prompted me to register myself as an user. Which I did nicely. Follow the instructions on the screen and car saves your seat position, air condition, door mirror position, etc. Just remember that if you e.g. adjust seat later, remember to save it’s position again. Otherwise car will readjust seat to the position which was recorded to the memory earlier. This feature can be configured on or off. Later, if needed, you can access the update feature on Multi Function Display under Driver Monitoring sub menu. There is also separate memory buttons on driver’s door, which can be assigned for different drivers, if your family has more than one. Or just to slide seat all the way forward or back. Could be useful e.g. when cleaning the car.

Dash display between tachometers

This menu can be enabled when info message is shown next to tachometer. There is following sub menus available.

  • Display settings (Welcome screen, goodbye screen, system test screen, units, tyre pressure, languages)
  • Warning sound level (min, med, max)
  • Backseat reminder (after shutting the engine, car will remind to check backseat)
  • EyeSight (Indicators when detecting car in front, alert if car moves in front, cruise-control acceleration settings, select right/left side traffic)
  • RAB – Reverse Automatic Braking (Sound alert, automatic braking)
  • Car Settings (Keyless entry, rear window heating, interior lights, lane change signal, door mirror settings)
  • Restore Default Settings

From this menu I changed warning level sound to minimum and then from the EyeSight menu indicatod when detecting car in front. At default setting there will be a green square in the HUD when EyeSight detects and follows car in front of you. I found that unnecessary information, so I disabled it.

Subaru Multi Function Display

This is interesting display. There is settings available but also short quick guide screen. Which can be displayed only when entering first to the screen seen below and then pressing “info” button on the steering wheel. Multi Function Display includes following sub menus:

  • Date
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Screen / beeps
  • Air conditioning
  • Camera Settings
  • Service
  • Restore Default Settings

From this menu I saved my Driver profile and then altered Air Conditioning settings to low. I don’t like it if air blow is on too high when I start the car. So I used minimum levels for the air blow.

Subaru Starlink 8″ display

Car was setup with 12 hour clock. And I wanted 24h system to be used. Setting for this was found from the big screen. Oddly I was expecting it to be found from the MFD or dashboard display. From Home screen and by tapping Settings, you can find 4 main categories. General, Audio, Phone and Navigation. Under General you can configure following items:

  • Driver profile
  • Brightness
  • Voice recognition guidance
  • Wi-Fi
  • Additional Radio settings
  • Show connected devices
  • USB device autoplay
  • Language Settings
  • Units
  • Camera timeout settings
  • Check for updates
  • Check updates automatically
  • Load updates automatically
  • System information
  • Change Bluetooth Device name
  • Restore Factory Settings

What was your first settings you made to the new Forester? Or have you found any useful configuration tips, that could be useful for others?

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