Subaru has published a latest map update for the European version of Starlink / TomTom Navigation system on December 2019. To complete the process you will need user accounts to website / Map Downloader application. User account can be created easily but later on you will also need VIN number to get identified what updates are compatible with your Forester e-Boxer. You will also need at least 20GB USB stick. Other method to update maps is to use Wi-Fi or a Smartphone. However with these options you can update maximum 8 areas, while with the USB stick you are able to update all maps at once. Wi-Fi connection means that you are able to join your e-Boxer to any available wlan network. So if your home wlan is strong enough at the yard, you could use this. Or just create a hotspot with your phone and join that. Updating via Smartphone means that you can update maps using Subaru Starlink app. You need to first connect phone with Bluetooth (or with USB cable) to your car. Then start the app from phone and same time check updates from the head unit. In this blog post we concentrate updating whole package via USB stick.


  1. Download and install Map Downloader application from
  2. Create user account and login to the application
  3. Enter your car VIN number to the system
  4. Check and compare software version installed to the car and what is the latest offered via Map Downloader application
    1. Via car’s head unit: Settings / General / System Info
  5. If newer version is available, download it using Map Downloader application
  6. Click “Install on USB memory device”.

At the car

Update is very time consuming process. At some point it might feel that has the update stopped updating. Please be patient. It will complete eventually. Whole process may take up to 60 minutes. Keep engine running whole time! And note, be in outdoor location so you won’t get any problems of the exhaust gas. E.g. closed garage is not suitable for this.

  1. Insert USB stick to one of the front ports under the head unit
  2. Follow on-screen instructions

Note!: It is also possible to drive car while the update is in progress. You can’t just use the head unit during that time.