Meiko, Kirkkonummi outdoor park – almost as good as National Park

Yay! First adventure with the new car. In my mind it does not matter whether the destination is close by or far away. Every adventure can be a real diamond. This time we are looking nature attraction from near of the Helsinki capital area. And usually closer destinations is easier to arrange. At beforehand I though that road to the destination might not be super challenging. Or actually I couldn’t remember how was it. Last time I had visited this outdoor park maybe 2012. So some years ago already. Anyways road to Kirkkonummi is of course in super good condition but last few kilometers road has a gravel surface. Gravel road was also in somewhat good condition. Though the last 700 meters was very bumpy. Lot’s of big holes. Forester went over those like there was nothing wrong with the road. I guess “winter” 2019/2020 (just rain in pure water) had something to do with this. Few degrees minus and then back to above zero. Back and forth that made it’s job and broke road partially in few spots. Road is drive-able also with regular FWD and with less ground clearance but then you need just to pilot bit more carefully to avoid those holes. For me it was bit unfortunate that 700 meters ended so quickly. I guess it would be fun to drive with proper AWD bit more road like that. Those who are arriving by car, it is good to know that there is a very big free parking area. Although it seems that this outdoor park is getting more and more popular already.

Meiko Nature trails

There is tree circle nature trails available. Length varies from 3.2 km to 8.3 kilometers. In general it is adviceable to wear proper hiking shoes at these trails. Name for the area comes from the lake Meiko, which is very beautiful. Area does has multiple great sightseeing locations, those opens magnificent views to the lake. Interestingly area is very close to town of Kirkkonummi and there is actually people living almost next to this place. So no fear that you are in middle of desert where wolves or bears could eat you (just kidding!).

  • Kuikankierros 3,2 kilometers (red trail)
  • Kotokierros 4,4 kilometers (green trail)
  • Meikonkierros 8,3 kilometers (yellow trail)

Kuikankierros circle trail – length 3,2 kilometers

It is bit unfair to describe how this outdoor park is during winter. As at this time we do not have a proper winter. There is no snow at all. I would assume that trails are in similar condition at April after snow is melted. Now ground looked to be bit more on wet side and of course I didn’t bring those hiking shoes with me, which I mentioned earlier. However after worrying that, I noticed that ground was in frost. So worries gone.

Trail started with very easy road. Soon red trail marks pointed to the forest and path narrowed. In general trail is somewhat easy to walk. Just notice that there is lot’s of cliffs and rocks and if those are wet, they might be slippery as well. Also today there was also some ice on top of those rocks. Which made us even more cautious.

Kuikankierros trail goes to Näseudden point and majority of the time path is next to lake Meiko. So views are really great here! Specially today when there was thin sheet of ice on lake and top of that there was even thinner layer of water. So many beautiful spots where to eat picnic and drink some hot juice or coffee. Maybe some day I manage to come here and try to capture sunrise while drinking coffee. On thing to note that on this circle trail there is no fireplace available. According to the map yellow and green trails offers a fireplace.

How to get to Meiko, Kirkkonummi

It is possible to take train from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi. Then by bus to Myllykyläntie. However the easiest way to reach this location is to use a car. Rental or your own. On Google Maps this place is called “Meikon ulkoilualue”, which is easy to type in and you’re good to go! Official address is Korsolammentie 44, 02400 Kirkkonummi, FINLAND.

Where to eat at Kirkkonummi

After a good hiking you are of course hungry. Even though you did probably have something to eat at outdoors. Our pick was Papermoon restaurant. Food was actually very good there. Pizzas are quite Italian style. On the menu there was good variety of choices. See more details from their web site (Finnish only).


  1. Definitely a beautiful area! Indeed, Finland is one of only two countries my wife would like to live in. We were there some 5 years ago in the winter, and very impressed! Obviously we would have to sneak in our own wine, at those prices 😉
    Lol, I can imagine that the roads near Helsinki are much too good and therefore no fun at all when you want to test your Forester. We have the same problem here, except that it applies to almost the entire country! Luckily, I found a stretch of about 200 metres that is pure offroad; I will send a short vid of that next time I go over it. Have fun with the car Adventurer, undoubtedly you will potholes and mudslides soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sure, alcohol is quite expensive at here. As it is almost everything else too. What comes to the roads. Road numbering system tells bit of the classification. From that you can estimate in how well condition road is. I might to open it up in the future post as it would give ideas how to find interesting roads here.

      How did you (Kees but other readers too) think this particular post? Is this type of articles interesting to read? I’ll try to keep Forester in focus. This time there was not much to tell, as mentioned, gravel part was rather short. So the content of the blog would be mixture of Forester related things but also discovering nice nature outdoor locations.


  2. It was nice to read. Beautiful scenery. Good to read for other Finnish people I should think. For me personally, a little less relevant than the other topics. If I should come to Finland again, I’d be interested in off-road tracks that would suit the Forester, and in hidden, remote places the Foz could reach where I could set up camp, maybe fish, canoe, that kind of stuff. Perhaps even an overland touring idea that would cover 2 weeks or so. ?? 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As I am a nature-lover, I enjoy reading this type of articles, too. Anyway, guys, guess what?! OUR FORESTER HAS ARRIVED!!! Well, just to our country, to the main importer, so few more days needed until they get it here, but still, such a great news, totally unexpected…


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