e-Boxer hypermiling at cold temperature, interesting results!

Subaru Forester e-Boxer hybrid is not the first car what comes to mind when speaking of hypermiling. Hypermiling means that you optimize your speed and drive with a very gentle gas foot. But the way I would like to do it is by not causing any interference to other traffic. So in other words I’ll drive according to the speed limits, avoid stopping if possible (not always possible). Driving normally but not accelerating excessively.

Official fuel consumption figures are bit on high side. Or let’s say those are on normal side but on 2020 it would be expected that everything is super efficient. Thanks for the EU for that. WLTP test cycle distance is 23,25km and temperature is 23C, CO2 values corrected to 14C.

So today it will be a very interesting test! I am targeting to beat the “Fast WLTP” fuel consumption figure, which is the lowest possible on the chart. This is 6.7 liters per 100km (= 35 US MPG). Do you accept the challenge? I do!

Speedliters/100kmUS MPGUK MPG

I am also gathering own e-Boxer fuel consumption statistics from the everyday driving to own post. Unfortunately everyday driving is far away from the optimal driving conditions. Hence this test is quite interesting. In fact even the route will be optimal for this type of driving, the outside temperature is not. It is currently zero Celsius degrees.

Route goes from Helsinki capital area to nearby town. Speed limits should be very optimal to beat the official figures. Thus average speed should be quite low. Speed limits varies from 50km/h to 80km/h. I am very optimistic to beat WLTP cycle here!

See the video below, how it ended!


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