Never again Subaru Forester

Scary title, right? That was actually my thoughts in 2016. This is a story of that time. Outcome might be guessed quite easily, as I am running this Forester e-Boxer blog in 2020. However I would like to elaborate what happened and how I came to conclusions.

MY13 Forester

On that time I had 2.0 N/A Forester. There was not any technical issues with the car. At very beginning I had to fill oil once before the first service and then few years later there was problems with brakes. But that issue with brakes was not really fault of Subaru. There was small rock between brake discs. Which felt off on it’s own. So no technical issues in that sense. However I was a bit disappointed to Forester’s performance and that combined high fuel consumption. On the other hand I loved Subaru’s legendary AWD and also the outwards visibility. Also very tight turning circle was real useful feature for me.

Nevertheless I started to think could I trade Forester to something else. Even there was really good features I was loving. Then I noticed that Toyota is going to publish new Prius in near future.

4th generation Toyota Prius

Roughly 6 months before the launch of 4th generation Toyota Prius. There was some early reports available in YouTube by then. I started to watch them and do some research – a lot. Prius came more and more interesting option. It didn’t have AWD, outwards visibility was quite bad, due to the aerodynamically exterior styling. It had tight turning radius, in fact smaller than Forester. And of course super efficient consumption figures.

Some months later car was finally launched and local dealers had demo cars to be test driven. Car felt really good on that time. After the test drive I thought “Never again Subaru Forester. No more lousy powertrain and big fuel consumption”. I almost immediately signed contract. As Forester’s trade-in value was very competitive. I calculated that payback time alone from fueling savings is roughly 4 years. Demo car was equipped with non studded winter tires. That hide one characteristics of the Prius that probably every owner does not like. It would be interesting to know, what would be my thoughts if the car would have been equipped with summer tires. Would I have been blind (or deaf in this case) for the road noise.

However the new car came in April 2016 and on very first meters I noticed that road noise is horrible. That was something made me regret my decisions to trade Forester. But I though that maybe I get used to it. I tried to forget that. Ride was otherwise very good and extremely small fuel consumption made me smile.

Later on car enthusiasm started to change. To just owning car and driving it from location A to location B. Trips were no longer adventures. They were just changing locations. I started to miss Subaru and all road trips we had before.

Subaru Forester e-Boxer

5th generation Forester was published already 2018 and first North American customers got their MY19 Forester in late 2018. Since then I have been following user experiences and reviews of the car. Wondering if the new generation ever comes to Europe. After many months there started to be rumors of the hybrid Forester. Very little information available. I researched again everything that I was able to find. Same pattern happened than with Prius. I had something in my mind which bothers me in the current car. Only now it was the road noise, lack of visibility and no AWD. This time I started to think could I trade Prius – back to Forester.

I remembered my thoughts from 2016. Back then I said to myself that never again Forester. Still I decided to switch back to under Subaru’s flag.


It is super silly to change new cars this often. At least if you think this from the financial point of view. I have lost quite a big sums of money because of changing cars so often. Exclude fuel consumption and all maintenance related costs and depreciation alone is huge. Even I thought I got competitive offers when trading.

Now I am not going to say never again… time will show what happens with the e-Boxer. I really hope that it will be long lasting car and I have learned something.

Point I want to address is that from financial point of view fuel costs or all maintenance costs are not the only costs you need to take into account when changing a car.

Happy adventures!


  1. Interesting read 😉 I must be both wiser and dumber than you, Adventurer, because I have a) always bought or leased new cars, even though, financially, it is smarter to buy young used cars, b) I have always done so at most 3 years after the previous buy/lease and sometimes even after two years…, and c) I never regretted that, because of that super-simple adage: YOLO! A car, I believe, must be fun to drive. So, as long as that is the case, good! But when you get excited about another car, and you can afford it, I say: go for it 🙂 Having said that, it is my hope that this, the Forester E-Boxer, might be the first car I have owned that stays exciting. And: so far, so good – I love it, especially because it has already brought me a few real fun adventures. Taking it off-road is essential, quintessential even. It’s what the Forester was made for, and once you’ve taken it off-road, you’re sold. Love my car 🙂

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    1. I think Forester is really fun to drive – even it is not fast car. There is something that makes Subaru a Subaru. Yesterday I had small adventure on way to work. There was a road construction and after huge amount of rain, small length of road was in really really bad shape. Enjoyed to go through it 🙂


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