Weekend trip – to the summer cottage

Finland is promised land of summer cottages. We have over half million summer cottages! And 99% of them have sauna either in the cottage or as a separate sauna building. Cottages (Mökki in Finnish) are located usually near lake shore and are really nest of peacefulness. Usually you can hear only sounds of nature. During summertime sounds of nature is mostly sound of mosquitoes, but that’s part of the game.

Weekend trip

We decided to visit our cottage on Saturday. Or actually I started to speak of visiting there already some days ago. There was two reasons. Firstly I wanted to spend quality time with my family. But then also because we have the new e-Boxer, I wanted to do at least some light off roading.

As you can see from the weather forecast (map on the right) that Saturday is not the most optimal day to spend time in small cottage. Helsinki is in south and our cottage is within 200 km range. No matter where you are heading, there is heavy rain expected. But even weather would not be the best possible, atmosphere will be great. Just imagine igniting fire place, spend time with your family and play board games. And if possible, spend some time out too… behind the Subaru’s steering wheel.

Driving through the storm

On Saturday morning we had slow wake up. Brewing coffee ad eating breakfast without any rush. Packing car and observation that recent weather forecasts were just right. It is heavy rain outside and huge wind with storm gusts. Once we hit the road it was so nice to drive. Even there is bad weather outside, Forester drives with all the confidence. I guess this is what Subaru means with their slogan “Confidence in motion”. Engage cruise control and have a relaxing drive.

Almost overlanding

Not exactly overlanding but almost. There is a very good road almost to the destination. Last few kilometers is gravel road and last few hundred meters is very narrow “cottage road” with some steep hills. During proper winter it could be somewhat difficult to access place – due to snow. It would be required to have tractor to blow snow away. This year we have not seen snow that much in the south-Finland. Though according to news, in Lapland there is almost record of snow. Nearly 2 meters. But our summer cottage is not there and therefor no need to “worry” about snow.

This time our cottage road was in pretty good shape. Although I imagined that last part is the worst but it was vice versa this time. Road was very soft and then I noticed that it was a real benefit to have some ground clearance. I guess it would be possible to go with FWD car too but it was far more fun to drive this type of road with a car that does not care how soft or muddy road is.

So I didn’t have proper overlanding possibilities this time but it was enough fun anyways. And as mentioned Forester is real travel companion with soft and quiet ride. This only makes me want to have more road trips and reach some distant nature attractions.

To the next time!

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