Subaru Forester e-Boxer price

Pricing is one major thing which affects how popular e-Boxer Forester is. Competition is so tough and there is many alternatives to choose from. First I thought that Forester is bit over priced in Finland but when I was creating chart below, I noticed that there are two countries that stands out. These countries are Denmark and Turkey with over 70 000€ price! That is a lot compared to the lowest prices, e.g. in the Baltic countries and Poland. Chart below is generated on 24.2.2020 and compared top trim level from each country where price information was available.

The Pricing Formula

How Subaru decides which price tag is suitable for each country is of course their business secret. That work involves lots of market research and analysis. But then they have done also lots of research for the new technology, e.g. Subaru Global Platform. These costs are partly transferred to the price tag.

Then we can speculate whether EU penalties are transferred to the price tag too. On year 2021 onward manufacturers needs to pay penalty to EU if average co2 exceeds 95mg on entire model range. Currently only Toyota, Volvo and Tesla is below that limit. These companies can then sell emit rights to other brands, which are not achieving targets to have less penalties.

Also other technology has been added to the car to reduce emissions. Good example of this is a Gasoline Particulate Filter (GDF). These devices has also certain price tag and obviously customer is the one who pays bill in the end.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Chart includes also Gross Domestic Product (purchasing power corrected) which describes in certain way economy for that specific country. GDP is illustrated with red color on the chart. Although GDP does not take in account e.g. natural disasters, which then increases numbers for that specific country. Purchasing power correction takes in account living costs in a country, thus making it more realistic when comparing different countries.

When taking account GDP and then asking price for the new car, it really makes me wonder case with Turkey. GDP is low but then at the same time car price is extremely high there. Is Subaru intending to sell any cars there?

How popular Forester e-Boxer is

Previous thinking leads to other interesting topic. How popular e-Boxer is actually in different European countries. If you are able to provide Forester e-Boxer first registration figures from your country (per month), it would be super helpful. Please comment to this blog post and I will update table below. This way we are able to see in which European country Forester is most popular. Of course we cannot compare it directly that way, since countries and markets are very different sizes but still I think it is nice statistics.

In Finland during January there was 41 Foresters registered. That is not a much. E.g. RAV4 had 233 and further more in comparison top registered car was Toyota Corolla with 675 cars.




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