It shines! – KORREK Pro Ceramic Cure coating

My Forester looked already bit dirty. After last weekend road trip to the summer cottage in storm, wet and muddy gravel roads made it’s own “job”. And also week of driving between home and office plus one longer business trip left nice dust coverage on the car.

I was already thinking to get good wax treatment for the car. It would be nice job to do itself but I decided to leave it to professionals. I was almost about to ask if the dealer could make it for me, before driving any kilometers with the car. On that time when I was receiving the car. But I was so eager to get the new car and decided to choose later what kind of treatment I want.

So I contacted one of the local shops, which is in good reputation. I think I have used them once or twice before with other cars. And then some other company as well years ago. I contacted them through a web form and asked advice that what would be a good choice and their recommendation for a new car.

And what happens. I receive no reply from them! I was shocked that why they then have this web form, if they do not bother to reply back. But they did. Answer just went to the junk mail folder. Reminder to myself. Check junk mail if you wait something important.

In their recommendation there was 3 different options to choose from. Ceramic protection was the middle one and sounded very interesting indeed! Product what they recommend was KORREK Pro Ceramic Cure. I decided to choose this product partly because it was very promising product but it is also a Finnish product.

As agreed I left the car there just when they opened door at morning 08.00. Guy who helped me was very interested of the e-Boxer. He asked me almost immediately is this the hybrid Forester. Yes it is, quite rare car still, I replied. Obviously it was first hybrid Forester for them too. After nice chatting session of Forester’s features and how to keep it clean in the future I ordered taxi to home. Remote office day ahead!

Wife’s car

Since I received new e-Boxer, I have not borrowed my wife’s car. Today I needed to borrow it for a while since my own car was in the treatment. Even her car is in reality good and decent car. It felt so small and tight inside compared to Forester. Forester is just so spacious and full of light inside. Everyone who own Forester knows this and I recommend owners to try out some other car – just for curiosity. Contrast is huge!

Why ceramic coating over traditional wax

ceramic sealing is a very different product than wax. Ceramic treatment is actually lacquer surface coating. They gave 5 year warranty for this product. So it sticks to the paint much better. Wax is prone to many car shampoos and usually does not last longer than one year. Ceramic coating protects from UV light, scratches and dirt is much easier to wash away.

Forester is ready for pick-up

We agreed that I can pickup Forester at 09.00 on Saturday morning. Oh boy it shines! This was expensive coating but I am super happy of the results. Shine is incredible!

I hope car will shine at least for few days, before new rains comes. But forecast does not promise good. It would be nice to take some cool photos too when the car is clean. But maybe that is too much hoped.


  1. Hi Tomi, can I have a question?! How much was it for your car? Because I am also considering it…Originally I was thinking about paint protection film but it is very expensive for the whole car…Thanks


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