e-Boxer Forester – First accessories bought

There is few accessories I plan to get to my e-Boxer Forester some point but this was the easiest one to get and “install”. Only problems I encountered that nearest Subaru shop’s opening hours was bit difficult for me. So I decided to visit there during weekend. Which was (of course) fruitless visit, since replacement part clerk is working only at office days. But I managed to visit there before closing time and grab these!

So those are back seat protectors. Then I bought also floor mat for trunk (not visible on above photo). Floor mat I put right away in use but then these back seat protectors I stored for some weeks before checking how to attach them properly.

Installation instructions

When opening plastic bag I noticed that there was some instructions too. Which was quite funny reading indeed! Subaru printed peace of paper asking to contact dealer for the instructions. Instead of including instructions right away for the customer. Luckily this “installation” is not that difficult to do, so no need for any extra instructions. And who reads those nowadays anyway?

Kit included back seat protectors and also some self-adhesive tape. So protectors can be removed later on too if needed. Without leaving any marks to seats/fabric.

Next step was to find good spots for tape approximately. And finally install to the car. Before installing make sure that back seat is clean. Tape will stick better that way.


These protectors are meant only for the 5th generation Subaru Forester. Note also that there are different type of trunk floor mats. Compatible one with the back seat protector is low floor mat. There is also higher version available but it does not work properly.

Also one thing of worth of mentioning that if you think that they did not supply tape enough. I think that any similar tape will do just fine. These should be well available in any supply store.

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