Everyday tips of the Subaru Forester

Year 2020 will be remembered from something else than from the fact that Subaru Forester e-Boxer was launched in Europe. Challenging times we live but in this blog we will focus to something else than the virus thing. Although it would be a very tempting to present Forester as a true toilet paper hauler as it has so generous cargo capacity. But let’s not do that (at least for the time being) and let’s introduce few driving and usability tips of Forester.

Rear window defrost

Defrosting feature is useful of course during winters but there is other times too when it can be used. Personally I find park garages very irritating places when mirrors gets moisture and fog. This happens on rainy days when you drive to warm parking hall. Tip is to use defrost feature few minutes beforehand. In conjunction of this it is adviceable to blow air directly to the front window. This way you make sure that visibility is not jeopardized. Garages is the most obvious place where small accidents happens, so this is something that is good to remember.

Tail gate opening

One day I had hands full of stuff to carry. Luckily I managed to reach the key fob in my pocket. Forester does not have censor, which could notice your wave by leg to open tail gate, like some other brands might have. Instead of this e-Boxer’s tail gate can be opened and closed from the key fob by pressing dedicated button. This I would say is good enough system. It works when needed and does not open itself too.


Oh, on which side fuel cap was again? No problems. See the triangle on the gauge cluster next to fuel meter. Although I think triangle points on wrong direction on the e-Boxer?

Some other cars have also a dedicated lever, which you need to pull before you are able to open fuel cap. On Forester just press the hatch and it will open for you.

Rear camera washer

Euro spec e-Boxer Forester does have a rear camera washer. However pressure is quite low how it spreads water on the camera lens. Rear camera washer can be enabled by selecting gear to Reverse and then use rear window wiper.

Even the pressure is not that high, it is better than nothing and works in most situations. Below is few videos demonstrating how camera washer works.

rear camera washer demo

Auto high beam

Forester is equipped with the auto high and low beam. Ensure that your lights are set to “auto” and car will change to the high beams if required during night. If your lights are manually set on, then the auto feature does not engage. In this case you’ll need manually switch between high and low beams.

Forester is also equipped with “Steering Responsive Headlights”. It is possible to toggle SRH off (separate button for that on the left side of the steering wheel) but I strongly recommend to keep this feature on. It really helps on visibility and it is does not distract at all.

Your tips?

If you have noticed something that could be worth of mentioning here, please drop a comment. That way you help others to spot features that could be otherwise missed.

Top banner photo credit: Jozef


  1. Hello Forester Adventure,

    Yeah, who could imagine that virus is directly related to toilet paper (and Forester as hauler) … precious value of modern society is wiping with style.

    However, you can wash rear camera without active window wiper, yes the water will come from same spray nozzle and dribble over window, but it still will wash rear camera.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually noticed that some drops of water came to rear camera lens when I tested is there washer or not. Wasn’t just sure that was it intended to was camera or not. At least it is so small pressure that it hardly washes anything. Need to try it out once more.


  2. My tip for all owners would be to buy 2 recovery boards. With the Forester, you will undoubtedly and quite voluntarily take on muddy tracks and at some point, like me, you may find yourself thoroughly stuck with at least one wheel deeply embedded in mud. That’s when the Foz needs a helping hand. In combination with its own superb capabilities, the boards will make sure you get out even then. An additional tip, should you find yourself in that situation, is to place tree branches in the mud behind the boards. Who knows, someday you may be glad you read this 😉
    P.s. Adventurer, I like your sense of humour 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. well I was stingy and didnt buy the expensive ones that cost upwards of 200 euros. Mine were very cheap, 2 for 20 euros I believe, but they didnt break and did the trick. So I suppose that’s good enough. As for the tree branches: they are usually around when you are on a muddy path 😉 So, there will be tyre tracks where you drove. At some point you get stuck. The tracks will be deep, muddy and perhaps wet. The boards – well, my boards – aren’t very long, they will only help you one or two feet. But that’s probably not good enough. You find some dead branches, and place them in the track behind the wheels where you haven’t put the boards, and also behind the boards. That way, you provide some more firmer ground to provide traction. And as for the tractor, well, haha yes that might happen some day. good anecdote for the dinner table many years to come then 😉


    1. In hard circumstances, you can switch to manual transmission and choose lower gear or what ever gear you need – and it will stay on that gear and help to gain a grip & traction you need.

      And it also fun to go on bumpy muddy / sandy wet road without X mode, if you go very slow, usually EV mode starts and it has just enough grip & traction to keep you going for some sort time.


  4. Hola, llevo tiempo siguiendo el blog donde he aprendido mucho sobre el Forester e-boxer, yo ya tengo el mío desde el viernes 13 (lo reserve en febrero) y estoy muy contento, me encanta, lo suave que va. Tengo unos consumos ahora con el rodaje y tengo unos consumos mixtos (ciudad, carretera) de unos 6,6-7L. La verdad que son muy buenos. En España es un Subaru Forester ecoHYBRID Excecutive Plus.
    Un saludo desde Barcelona-España.


    1. Hello! If possible, please comment in English. So it would be easier for all of us. Very nice to hear that you got your e-Boxer and first impressions are looking good! Very promising fuel consumption figures. I guess it is a bit warmer in Spain so that affects to it?


      1. Hello, excuse me I don’t speak English and I’m using the google translator for the blog.
        Yes, in Spain we have better time and I think it may be a point in favour.
        NOTE: I am using the google translator

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Artur for the comment! It would be interesting to see video how it works? I did record once small video how it works on my car. Recording was not that good quality, so I didn’t publish it. But maybe I could link it to the post.

      Please revisit this article later to see that video.


  5. Has anyone figured out the way to carry the spare wheel? I was looking for some solutions and found nothing so far, because I would really hate to find myself in the middle of nowhere with the flat tire. This issue really bugging me.


    1. I haven’t really thought that. I think there is a repair kit onboard, which should give some extra range to get to the repair shop. Hopefully I never need to try how it works. Al though, would a good blog post 🙂


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