Subaru Forester photos, session #1

Few days ago I looked weather forecasts and it should be few minus degrees outside at upcoming days and during weekend. Good opportunity to go wash car and take some photos at morning light at weekend morning.

I already mentioned to my wife that I will go to shoot some photos early enough when the light is still good. I had some locations already in my mind, so I should get quite nice backgrounds too. At least something to try how those works.

Saturday morning came and it looked that Sun will shine. I brewed my usual morning coffee and read some (virus) news from the online services with my iPad. I did also plug-in the engine block and interior pre-heating to Forester. That helps in fuel economy, specially when there is minus degrees outside. As this morning we had -5 Celsius degrees.

Once I was ready to out I noticed that there is very dark clouds at the sky. Where is that sunshine I wondered. Anyway I decided to go and see if I get any decent photos.

On the way some snow flakes came fall down. Which was bit odd since we didn’t have this year proper winter at all.

Light was not like I imagined it would be. It was actually very gray and snow flakes did not help me. But it was fun anyways to try take some nice photos. Better luck next time!

Sunday update

Sunday was much sunnier than Saturday, so I gave a second chance for my photoshooting session. Only that car was already dusty and dirty but at least I had a chance to try out few new shooting locations. All photos needs a good background and it is not so obvious to bring car close to places where it would be nice to take photos without disturbing others. I don’t like ideas to drive car to side walk and try to take some photos. It needs to be a proper place, where it is actually allowed to drive with car.

That said, I found a very nice place near from sea coast. What you think? PS. It is not my house 🙂

I was quite satisfied to above two photos. Inasmuch as I created these as Forester e-Boxer wallpapers. At least now I know a very good location to take photos in different type of light.

By the way, building next to Forester is Nokkalan Majakka. Very quality cafeteria and restaurant. Happy to recommend them. No commercial co-operation here, I just like the place.


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