Subaru Forester 2020 dimensions

Some time ago there was Audi Q5 parked next to my Forester. Unfortunately I am not sure now was it the latest generation Q5 or the previous one. Either way Audi looked smaller than Forester. I have always thought that Forester is something in between Q3 and Q5.

Then I had an idea. Why not to just investigate how Forester compares to other SUV cars and put there some sedans too for comparison. I took few attributes, like the obvious ones. Length, width and cargo capacity. But then also height and weight.

It was very interesting exercise to dig in to manufactures web sites and try to find required specs. One might think that it is easy job but it is not. First of all some manufactures does not publish all information or then the spec sheets are way too hidden. For example I had Tesla on my list too first but couldn’t find all the required information from their web site.

Then cargo space might be tricky to compare. There is different standards how to measure cargo space and of course these are not comparable with each others. Then all brands does not mention which standard they were using when saying capacity for a particular car.

Weight sounds easy? Again, this was not that easy to do. Kilograms are kilograms but wide range of available models made this a bit tricky. Specially German brands have so many engines to choose from and weight varies very much. So which of the all available models to choose against Forester.

This comparison tries to be as accurate as possible. Meaning that all figures should be comparable with each others. However if you spot any errors or need clarifications, please give me feedback by commenting the blog post.

And what comes to the comparison between Audi Q5 and Subaru Forester. It was just an optical illusion. Audi is bigger car. Forester is only taller. However I feel that Subaru or Japanese SUV’s in general have just right size. They go plenty of interior room for passengers and enough cargo capacity. Still exterior size is compact. Specially Subaru has small turning radios (in fact class leader), making it very enjoyable car in tight spots.


As said Audi Q5 is ~50mm longer than Forester. Interestingly there is not that much difference between different brands when comparing those in their own segments. Only Audi Q7 seems to over 5 meters. Must be joy to drive in small parking halls. I need to interview my neighbor as he seems to drive Q7.


Here we can see that Forester really is tall car. It’s height is close to cars that are in bigger segment as Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Volvo XC90. Height is seen in the interior too and once you get used to it, it might feel even bit claustrophobic to go inside sedans. Windshield is in such angle and roof is at very low at other cars.


Interestingly previous generation Forester and now the new one are quite narrow cars. In fact one of the narrowest among competition. This I don’t see as a negative side since there more than enough interior space inside the car. Also narrower exterior makes it easier to navigate e.g. in those tight parking halls I mentioned earlier.


If there was not that much difference in other categories, here we can see a huge differences between cars. Nissan Qasqai seems to battle in light weight series, while Audi, BMW and Volvo are in heavyweight series. Here we can see that batteries really has some weight. Smaller segment cars, but plug-in versions, are heavier than e-Boxer Forester. Even e-Boxer does have battery too but it is much smaller than compared to plug-in cars. According to Subaru, e-Boxer batter pack weights approx. 100kg.

Boot space

Finally we have comparison of the cargo space. For SUV cars it is important factor, since most of families purchases this type of cars for family road trips. So it is important that everybody fits in but all stuff needs to be carried too. Sometimes it can be baby strollers or if family has older kids, then it might be something hobby related. Subaru Forester e-Boxer seems to be bit above average in this comparison. Small battery pack helps, it doesn’t eat space as much as we can see what happens with plug-in competitors.


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