Just an quick update this time. It was again time to move time to summer time. One hour ahead, towards summer. Then also summer wheels changed to Forester.

Summer time

To my surprise e-Boxer Forester had time correctly set. No need for user interaction. In my previous Forester (MY2013) there was summer / winter time setting but I never figured out how it should work. It was always on the wrong time, when it was required to be changed.

I am not a huge fan of this changing time back and forth. Maybe we could stick to the summer time for good. Although this is not the most important issue to figure out currently.

Summer wheels

Another surprise was summer wheels. I got those changed few days ago, as I mentioned of TPMS issue. Winter tyres does have quite soft compound and then rims are also inch smaller. So I was expecting increased interior noise from the summer tyres.

Summer tires are 18″ 225/55 size Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport. Road noise was maybe marginally higher, when I drove first time with those. But after few days difference is not really noticeable any more. Pleasantly quiet actually.

This weekend was bit warmer than previous days. +10C and tires feeled even bit quieter as it was warmer outside too.

Speaking of warmer days. Another nice surprise was that e-Boxer hybrid system seems to work way better in warmer weather. It drivers longer period in pure electric mode. This I will definitely report better, once I have some more experiences. Upcoming week seems to still bit on colder side but maybe after that it gets warmer.

PS. try to guess what it is in the featured photo?