Subaru Symmetrical AWD

Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD is already legendary all wheel drive system. It has evolved also over time. One might arque that older variants were better than the current one mated with CVT transmission. Subaru tries to stay there what is important to their customers. And that is permament all wheel drive. That means Symmetrical AWD is always on.

Subaru Symmetrical AWD vs others

Competition is though. Some brands are also iconic with their own consept. But their systems have evolved too over times. E.g. Audi has nowadays Quattro Ultra system which disanges rear axel at speed. Then many other competitors are so much front biased that it is almost deceptive to call them AWD cars. But also vice versa, Jeep and Land Rover are known of their awd systems and they are still on top of the list.

In many cases fuel economy is more important for manufacturers than superior all wheel drive capabilities. Toyota RAV4 hybrid has a electric motor on rear axle, which is typically powered in lower speeds. Many other manufacturers have taken similar approach to save you in fuel bills.

Current S-AWD system in the e-Boxer is front biased 60/40 and can change 50/50 depending of conditions.

Still I would not call Forester a true rock crawler, even it is a very cabable in its class. There is a catch. Class I am referring is a SUV which is mostly happy in city but it really does not fear worse conditions either.


I found a very interesting video on Youtube, which I recommend to watch. Even the marketing brand is same, Symmetrical AWD, they are not same. Driving Sports TV describes very well differencies and variants of these systems.

Is Subaru AWD good?

As mentioned above, SAWD is extremely capable in its class. Youtube is full of Forester off road videos. Though usually you don’t drive in this type scenarios. Still it is very entertaining to see and specially to know that car can handle quite amazing situations.

In real life sceanrious very snowy conditions might be closer to truth. There capable AWD comes very useful.

One thing is still true. Subaru’s AWD is still one of the most capable systems out there.

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