Subaru Ambassador – interview

In the United States, Subaru has a program called Subaru Ambassador. That is meant for enthusiasts, to spread good words of Subaru brand. Quite interesting program. And why not to spread good words of such a great brand!

Shame that similar program is not available in Europe. Though that is quite understandable since Subaru is not that big player at old continent markets.

I have been following on Twitter one Subaru Ambassador – Carrie Cahoon quite some time already. She seems to be a very positive person and active Ambassador. So I thought that why not ask her few questions about this “job” and her thoughts of Subaru Forester in general.


Please introduce yourself Carrie
My name is Carrie. I live in a Vermont,USA which we like to say that the official car of Vermont is Subaru. I am 30 years old, a Subaru Ambassador (3 years and going) and a fur momma of an English mastiff names Murphy and a cat Mookie. I love the outdoors, golf, adventures, and everything Subaru.

When did you notice your interest towards a Subaru brand?
I first noticed the brand when I was very young. My dad had a Subaru Justy 4×4 and the reason I remember this car so much is it was the first time I ever went up the Mt Washington Autoroad in New Hampshire. My mom also owned a 93 Impreza hatchback and also a 97 Forester. I completely fell in love with the brand when I bought my first ever brand new car in 2014 which was a Subaru XV Crosstrek. I traded in a 2008 Ford Focus as I realized I needed a safe, reliable, AWD. It’s been love for the brand ever since… 

You have been driving a Forester quite many years. What makes it so special?
I have owned foresters for almost 4 years. I traded in my 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek for a 2017 Subaru Forester July 19th, 2016. I may have backed into a dumpster with my Crosstrek (whoops) so it was a perfect time to get into my dream Subaru. What makes the Forester so special is the interior space, X-Mode, and of course the great MPG. It may be silly but by far what made me fall in love so much with the Forester is the gigantic moon roof! February 9th of 2019 I traded in my first forester who I named Lola for the all new designed 2019 Subaru Forester Limited that I named Luna!! The all new forester comes with so many options!! Luna has steering responsive headlights, adaptive cruise control, of course eye-sight, heated steering wheel, the upgraded Harmon Kardon system with GPS and much more! The list goes on which is why I am so head over heels for this car!! Oh and I can’t forget that the new Forester also has wider rear gate opening which is amazing for golfers because your golf bag fits in the back perfectly now!! No twisting and turning to get your clubs in. 

You have named your Forester as “Luna”, where the name comes from?
So the name Luna actually came from a conversation I had with the  finance manager who I did all my paper work with lol. I was saying how much I loved the name Lola (17 Forester) and now I have no clue what to name the new Forester. He loves cats as much as I do and was actually telling me that he has a cat named Luna!! I was like duhhh Luna goes along well with Lola so Luna will be her name!! Luna also means “the moon” in Latin and seeing how she is Dark Gray it works perfectly!! It’s so funny how people know me on social media by the name of my car! The first time I ever meant staff from Subaru of New England the first thing they said to me was “oh your the Ambassador who has Luna!” Lol 

How many Foresters you have owned?
I am now on my second Forester and have no intention on trading her in for a different model anytime soon. I must say that when it was getting time for me to move on from Luna( I wanted a car with leather seats!)I did test drive an outback thinking maybe I would change things up a bit but I couldn’t be without the huge moonroof so I kept with the Forester. 🙂 

The best road trip with current or previous Forester you can think of
So to be honest I really haven’t had the chance to really take a road trip for a few years. With owning a senior dog who does not like to leave the couch it’s hard to want to leave the old man at home. I have taken her to Wicked Big Meet in CT which is the largest Subaru enthusiast gathering in the World and plan on going again this year in September. I love to travel around VT and NH with the sunroof wide open taking winding roads through the mountains. My dream road trip with Luna is taking her down to Tennessee through the Smokey Mountains!! So maybe one day! A girl can dream right??!!

Have you researched any information regarding Euro spec e-Boxer (the hybrid Forester) and would you like to see it on the US markets as well?
I have spent some time researching the Euro spec e-Boxer and I am a big fan. Of course I would love to see it on the US Market but I would also love to see the Levorg as well lol but some things are just not meant for the US. I think there is a reason as to why Subaru hasn’t said anything about the e-Boxer coming to the states so I guess we will just wait and see what’s in store. 🙂 

Interview continues with the Subaru Ambassador program related questions

What is a Subaru Ambassador program?
Hmmm there is a lot to the program but to put it simple the Subaru Ambassador program is a group of Subaru loving individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about the Subaru brand who follow the Subaru Love Promise. Subaru Ambassadors are volunteers who partner with Subaru to be an extension of their brand by lending their time, voice, and experience to the community.

What you do as an Ambassador?
I really do a lot as a Subaru Ambassador. Not only do I spread the word about Subaru through my social media pages but I also spend time volunteering in my community, sharing subie swag with owners, and creating a great relationship with my local dealership, White River Subaru. I have helped with numerous pet adoption events, food and supply drives for local animal shelters, as well as be a part of a new owner event that was held at my dealership for new Subaru owners to get to know more about their new cars. Being an Ambassador you truly have to embrace the core values of Subaru. Subaru has a lot of initiatives from Subaru Loves Learning to Subaru Loves pets so not only do I share the love about the vehicles they make but also the impact they make around the world! It’s amazing to be an ambassador for a brand that not only builds amazing cars but a brand who truly cares about the world, environment, pets, you name it!!!

Do you meetup with other Ambassadors?
I do meet up with other ambassadors! I always run into other Subaru ambassadors at some of the larger Subaru events. We have numerous private facebooks groups and forums where we all connect so when a local event is happening we can communicate on who wants to meet up and such. I know a couple local ambassadors in my area and have partnered with one personally to help with a pet adoption event. I have made new friends because of the ambassador program from all over New England and also the United States and every time we see each other it feels like we have known one another for years!! After all being a Subaru Ambassador you are part of a very large family! We all look after one another!

Is there special events for Ambassadors?
We do get some special ambassador only events but really they program loves to make us a part of the larger Subaru Events for example the Subaru Rally Tour and also Subaru WinterFest. We are giving special opportunities to volunteer at certain events and also get some VIP experiences that only ambassadors get to be a part of. It’s a way for Subaru to thank us for being Ambassadors!!

How do you apply to the program?
To apply to become a Subaru Ambassador it’s as simple as going to and it’s a simple application. Of course you have to own a Subaru and have a strong social media presence and overall love Subaru. Really I don’t know much about how they choose who will become ambassadors and I know that the application isn’t always open depending on where you live. They don’t want to many ambassadors in the same area. 

Do you receive any merchandise from Subaru (what you can give to others)?
We do receive merchandise for ourselves to show we are Subaru Ambassadors while in public and also have access to gear to give to those who love Subaru or those who are looking into joining the Subaru family. I can’t go into much about the specific details of the program but I will say that Subaru does love and appreciate their ambassadors 🙂

The best day you can think of being Subaru Ambassador
Hmmm this is a tough one as I have had many amazing days as a Subaru Ambassador. I think my favorite day to date would be at the Vermont SportsCar Open House which is home to the Subaru Motorsports Rally Team. I was able to take advantage of a special volunteer event as an ambassador. Literally my volunteer time was spent with Patrik Sandell and David Higgins at the autograph booth helping fans take photos, rolling posters, and having some awesome small talk with the drivers. I must say that these two drivers are hilarious, fun, and you can tell they appreciate their fans! We were also given a special VIP tour of the facility that builds the Subaru Rally Cars and of course autographs and photos with the drivers. 

Anything else you would like to say?
Owning a Subaru you become part of a family!! I really appreciate the opportunity for others to learn about me and the Subaru Ambassador program. 

After all “Love is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru”

Thank you so much Carrie!

It was a pleasure to do this interview and get insight to the Subaru Ambassador program.

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