MFD display – favorite settings

Some Subaru Forester reviewers says that the interior is somewhat cluttered. This is because there is so many buttons everywhele, in the steering wheel alone there is so many buttons. Plus then all the other buttons on other places.

Other reason why some thinks that interior is cluttered, is because there is so many displays. Multi Function Display (MFD) on upper center dash, below that is main infotainment screen, regular gauges and small display in between.

Personally I like this arrangment. I was already once thinking if I could mount iPhone or iPad somewhere. But then figured out that do I really miss some critical information. Answer was no I do not. So I am happy with the default screens and displays.

What comes to many buttons. It is easier to operate e.g. interior temperature when it has a physical knob instead that you would need to find it via touch screen buttons.

Favorite settings

Here is my favorite settings for each display that I use most.

On smaller info display between gauges I mostly use average consumption for trip meter. This is because I am gathering long-term consumption data for this blog. It kind of reminds me of this task. I need to reset it beginning of every month. Every now and I cycle through other menus, such as check tire pressures.

On main infotainment screen I usually have Spotify, if not navigating somewhere. If I need to navigate, then Google maps is the app I use. There is simply no better option than that. Rarely use any other apps on that screen.

On MFD I noticed that there is “favorites” screen, where you can assign three different information details. On default there is bit non-sense information displayed, such as how much you depress accelerator. Those I changed to display water and oil temperature which is much more useful information than the default ones.

Just remember to check that the user identification works and it recognizes you properly first. Otherwise car will not save settings under right profile.

After saving settings and next day driving the car, I wondered where are my settings. It was because when I saved settings in the first place, I had wrongly recognized profile. And there for I needed to save right settings again.

What screens and displays you use mostly?


  1. Hello. Do you know if there is any way to install English language on my Subaru Forester 2013 (SJ) 2.0 diesel, made for EU market. I have found more than 10 languages available, but there is no English.
    Any idea what I could do to?
    Thanks in advance

    BR and stay safe.



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