Subaru Forester turning circle


Few weeks ago I had an opportunity to go nature trail – alone. Usually it is whole family, when we go somewhere. It is is so much different experience.

Love my family but sometimes it is good to woods alone.

I had searched internet already and decided destination. It would be Sorlammen nature trail (text in Finnish). For my European and other readers that name probably does not tell much. Even I did not know of its existence but it was quite close to probably Finland’s most popular National Park Nuuksio. Only it is far less crowded than the National Park.

Based on my research there should be two entrances to the nature trail. To use main entrance, car should left maybe 300 meters away and then walk rest. Secondary entrance seems to have small parking area, maybe for twenty cars.

It was already late afternoon when I was heading towards Sorlammen trail. It felt again so good to drive Forester. So quiet and comfortable to drive. Makes me wonder why so less people have found this great car.

My idea was to see what kind of this main entrance is. Just to drive there and not to leave the car to parking area. Based on map there is a proper road and next to that should be the trail.

There was “ending road” sign when I entered to road which leads to the main entrance. Road started to get narrower and narrower all the time.

After a while I saw few signs, which were “main entrance” markers. Nothing special but at least I found what I wanted.

But then I started to figure how should I do the U-turn, since the road is really narrow. Of course I could drive to somebody’s private yard and hope they don’t mind. There was already some dogs barking on the yards. So I didn’t want to borrow their property.

After a while I came to interestingly shaped intersection. It was kind of Y shape. At both of the “wings” of the Y there was signs saying “Private road, not allowed to continue”. I decided to honor that and started to car turn around.

Road turning to left was very steep incline. And road which was turning to right was the opposite, there was steep decline. This is interesting, I though!

I decided to put front of the car to the incline and then reverse towards incline. I noticed that I really needed to push brake hard since gravity of the Earth was doing it’s job too.

Once car was positioned properly, I decided to engage the X-Mode and selected regular Snow/mud program. Forester moved forward like there was no inclines, declines or what so ever. Very impressive!

Once I owned previous generation Forester and my favorite features was very tight turning radius, and that combined to the excellent outwards visibility. It was just a joy to maneuver in tight spots and it still continues to be so. Just proved that!

Turning circle

Subaru Forester 5th generation turning circle is 10,8 meters. It is a class leading figure in the compact SUV segment even the turning radius has increased slightly compared to the 4th generation Subaru Forester.

New Forester is slightly bigger car than it’s predecessor and cars which are utilizing the Subaru Global Platform seems to have slightly bigger turning circle.

As described above Forester is still very nimble in tight spots. Not only because it has a class leading turning circle but unbeatable outwards visibility that helps to use every available centimetre when really needed.

4th gen Forester5th gen ForesterToyota RAV4Audi Q3Volvo XC40BMW X1Mercedes GLA
Comparison to the other cars. Turning circle in meters.

Above is a comparison table to other cars and there we can see by the numbers that they are not that nimble. Sure they might have different type of sensors and cameras to help in maneuver in tight places.

Forester has a side camera too but it is missing front camera currently from European models. Front camera is available e.g. in Australia, also in Asia they have now 360 surround camera. Hope Subaru brings these features to the European markets too!

How was the nature trail?

For those who are interested how was the nature trail, it was really great finding. 5 kilometre long trail and time to time bit difficult to walk due to roots and rocks on the way. Sometimes it was very wet too and swamps here and there.

Day was also perfectly selected. We didn’t have snow almost at all during the whole winter. For some reason we got quite severe snow rain on that particular day’s morning and some of the snow was still left when I was there.

It was very nice in the woods with snow and with sunshine.

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