Subaru e-Boxer high mileage club

8.12.2020: NB! Now it is a good time to update how much you have been driving with the e-Boxer

Welcome to the exclusive e-Boxer “high mileage” club. All e-Boxers are welcome. I have seen similar ideas on the other pages and thought it would be fun to do also.

Idea is simple. Comment below the post your current distance travelled in kilometres and country where you live (optional). I will update that information to the table below.

If you wish to have photos published of your Forester among a short story how the life have gone so far with Subaru, please contact me through the contact form.

Eventually we are able to answer how many miles / kilometres does a Subaru e-Boxer last.

Subaru Forester e-Boxer mileage

(Nick)nameDistance traveled (km) Country (optional)last updateAvg. consumption
Adventureforester Blog18 000Finland03/20218,2
PINE FOREST-er5000Slovakia05/20207,7
Nic Italia19 700Italy12/20208,0
ufodriver30 00012/2021


  1. Hi Tomi, here you are: Nick Name: PINE FOREST-er, Distance traveled: 5000 km (since 02/2020), Country: SLOVAKIA, last update: 05/2020, TAFC (Total Average Fuel Consumption): 7,7 l/km. Renata and Jozef, Slovakia


  2. Hey guys! Nice to be here!
    Great blog and wonderful photos!

    Nickname: Nic
    Italia 🇮🇹
    Forester e-Boxer bought in 12-2019
    19700km until now.

    Stay Forester!

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      1. yep, had first maintenance, but no problems whatsoever. Indeed, haven’t had any nags to date, so well over one year. The Subie has been wonderful. The only disappointment has been the built-in navigation, but since we also have the option of using google maps, that’s not really a problem either. So far, so excellent 🙂

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  3. Forester e-Boxer bought in May 2020, today 14 500 km, first scheduled maintenance yesterday (Jan 7, 2021): the only special item was the GPF indicator soft ware update.

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  4. Yes, I like. Always smiling when starting to drive. Some minor disadvantages like dust and mud inside the tailgate and rear doors. Now waiting for snow and cold.

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  5. Hi from Sweden, bought mine in April 2020, 15500km since then. Average 7,0 l/100km driving mostly on country roads, little less than that in summer, and more in winter (tires with spikes)!

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  6. Now 30 000 km service done: oil and brake fluid changes and a lot of checkings. No soft ware updating. In addition new rubber-windshield wipers (front and rear) and front side sill plates (E101SJO10) assembled. Engine under guard (E515SSJ110) ordered, but not received (due to delivery problems).


  7. More experiences of engine skid plate after the wintertime: in fact no real need, but gives more confidence when driving on scrubby and icy roads. Somehow I am thinking that for some umknown reason, the engine and equipment under engine bonnet become easier dirty than earlier – maybe I am imagining. In general, ready to pay for that feeling of confidence.


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