Subaru Starlink tips: Driver profile

Some days ago I was browsing through all the menus, if there was something I had missed earlier. And there was. Driver profile for the audio system.

This profile allows to set e.g. unique settings and station quick selection per driver. This is also handy if you have more than one driver in the family and there are own preferences of the radio stations.

So in a way this is a two step process to store individual stations. You can save your own settings for the seats and mirrors. Audio settings too but there is by default one profile. To have unique settings for each driver, you will need to create a new profile to allow this work.

Once you have created new profile through the Subaru Starlink system, then you need to save settings through the Driver Recognition menu. Bit complicated in my mind but luckily you really don’t need to revisit these menus that often.


Driver profile works via wizard. So you need to go through the whole process always. E.g. if you want to try out new wallpaper, you need to start wizard over. Luckily it is not that long process. Five steps or so.

There was ten different predefined wallpapers in the system. Let me know in the comments, if there is somehow a way to upload custom wallpapers too. I think it would be a cool feature to do so! Of course, not that necessary feature but cool.

In the photos below you can see thumbnails of the all ten available wallpapers. Green looks quite nice, doesn’t it!

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