Every now and then I have checked whether there would be a new map update available on subaru-maps.com. Few days ago I received a email from them saying that now there would be update available.

Quite soon I decided to download the update on my Windows PC with a separate “Map Downloader” client application. Actually the whole update process is same as it was an earlier update round. This is described e.g. here.

Personally I am not super interested to have the latest maps since I am using Google Maps mostly. But still it is important to do the map updates as there might be some day situation that Google Maps is not available. In those cases it is better to have TomTom than nothing.

E.g. roadtripping to abroad might be this type of situation that you do not want to spend your mobile internet quota on foreign country too much.

Content of the update

I tried to look information that what is the actual change log with the update. Sadly that information is not too easy to find. Based on the file names my assumption is that this is only a map update. Although while updating, there is a info on the display that update includes nine different packages. Such as improvements to the voiceover. So in theory it could be possible to update the infotainment version too. If you have more accurate info of the content, please comment this blog post.


Updating is somewhat time consuming job. First you need to download the update on your computer. That took nearly 5 hours to complete. Even I have decent 100MB fiber optics internet connection at home. I assume that the data transfer speeds on Subaru’s end are limited.

Then the next step is to install update on USB stick. For this job you will need a stick with 21Gb free space. Oddly writing content to the stick is also very time consuming job. Even the stick is attached to the USB 3.0 port, estimation is over four hours.

Installing the map update to e-Boxer Forester

As learned from the previous update round, there is no need to keep your car idling the update process. It is okay to use the car while updating. Only thing is that you are not able to use infotainment system during the update, which is quite understandable.

I also received a comment that you would need to manually restart the system. At least my experiences shows that it is not the case. In a nutshell update process goes like this:

Turn the ignition OFF, open and close the driver’s door then remove the flash drive from
the USB port. If an error screen is displayed asking “Do you want to Retry”, press “Cancel”

  1. Start the engine
  2. plug the USB drive to the front port under infotainment system
  3. System detects the update on the thumb drive automatically and asks to proceed
  4. Answer all the questions to start update
  5. Wait 20 – 60 minutes to complete and system will restart automatically. If system prompts after restart do you want to do update again, hit cancel
  6. Turn the ignition OFF, open and close the driver’s door then remove the flash drive from the USB port. Wait 3 minutes before continuing.
  7. Start the engine back on and check the system information.
  8. Last step is “Operation check and and Full system reboot procedure”
    1. Turn ACC on and check normal operation
    2. Turn ignition back off, open and close driver’s door. Wait 3 minutes
    3. Repeat above steps twice

The official US instructions by Subaru can be found from here.

Couldn’t be easier!

So I hit on the road and enjoyed curvy roads and nice day. Opened the moonroof wide open, let the air flow in and after the update put some of my favorite music to suit sunny day. Just waiting summer holiday to start and all these strange times to return somewhat normal.

Important update:

As Maurizio mentioned in the comments below, there are some more steps to follow.

If you do only steps from 1 to 5 as I did first. You will most likely to end up to situation that system version information is not displayed correctly. It is important to do rest of the steps as well to complete process correctly. See picture below:

Few days later I was about to investigate / reinstall update to see is the version information visible correctly. However after driving few times meanwhile with the car it probably did needed reboots itself already. So I did not touch the update and version seems to be now okay as seen example below.