Subaru Forester vs XV (e-Boxer)

Subaru has now two electrified hybrid models in the EU markets. First came Forester and now few months later XV.

Both cars have similarities but they are also different. Below is listed the key differencies (or similarities) of the both cars.


It is obvious that the XV is smaller car than Forester. But one thing might be bit surprising. XV is almost equal size with the 4th generation Forester. Only cargo space is smaller compared to that. In fact XV is bit wider than previous gen. Forester.

Sometimes smaller car is better option. Smaller car fits to smaller places, e.g. when you need to park car in old mall garage. Those can be quite tight places.

On the other hand, families values space what the 5th generation Forester offers. Baby trollers, couple child car seats and stuff family needs for weekend (or longer) roadtrip – no problems!

Major difference in the interior space is actually the cargo space between these cars. XV cargo space is actualy rather modest.


Safety is one of the Subaru’s core values. So in this category there is not actually that much differences. Forester has slight edge over XV in the safety features. Both cars are equipped with the latest EyeSight technology.

Many professional reviewers has stated this system as one of the best available. Luckily I had no need to test the emergency braking system yet but from the everyday experience point of view, system could have some tweaking still. E.g. lane departure and Driver Monitoring System could be more refined. However the Driver Monitoring System is only available in Forester.

Both cars are one of the saftiest in their segment. Forester even won Tesla Model Y in the Euro NCAP.

Subaru has similar ambitious safety goals than Volvo. No one should not die or injury badly in their cars in the future.


Pricing is very interesting topic. Many scared Forester’s high pricing. That can be seen from the fact that monthly first registering numbers are very low. Only handful of Foresters registered in Finland monthly.

XV’s has more reasonable pricing. Subaru says that they have launch campaign with 5 000€ discount (Finland). They say that campaign is till end of July. Personally I think that campaign will be renewed to avoid same low sales numbers as with the Forester.

Technical differencies

Both cars shares the same new e-Boxer powertrain. 2 litre gasoline engine and ~17 hp electric motor.

XV is 111 kg lighter than Forester. This can be seen as over second faster acceleration time. Although neither of these cars are not sports cars. Weight also affects to the fuel consumption. Forester combined WLTP emissions CO2 are 185 (g/km) vs XV’s 180 (g/km). Both cars have also same 48 litres fuel capacity.

Forester has also “X-Mode 2.0” as new XV still has the original X-Mode. One can argue is there actually any differences between these two X-Modes. New offroad mode offers Deep Snow/Sand mode which basically disables VDC to allow more wheelspin.

That can be done manually also in XV, while in X-Mode. However according to Subaru there is more calculations behind with the new X-Mode but what exactly, is not revealed. So benefits in real world scenarios is remains as a mystery.


Subaru Forester is a bigger car than XV, specially in the cargo volume. Forester has cargo capacity 509 litres and XV 385 litres. Forester has slight edge over XV in the safety features, although both cars are segment leaders in the safety overall.

Subaru XV is over second faster accelerator in 0-100km/h with 10,7 second time, compared to Forester’s 11,8 second. XV is also more fuel efficient than Forester. This is because of lighter weigh.

Both cars shares same e-Boxer system and are very capable (soft) off roaders too with a generous 22 cm groundclearance.


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