Forester e-Boxer tricks and tips: the key-fob

Summer has already been quite good indeed. Many nice days and weather forecast tells very promising news. Almost 30 Celsius degrees for mid summer eve!

Hot days requires special tricks. User manual mentioned that it is possible to open and close front windows by just using the key fob. I saw same tip on Youtube video and even I have mentioned about this particular trick earlier on this blog.

Weather is already so good, so I decided to test to open windows with the key fob. I smiled while attempting to open the front windows of my beloved e-Boxer Forester. I hold unlock button for a long period but all it did for me, unlocked doors. Maybe I recalled wrongly, maybe I needed to hold lock button. So I pressed again, now different button. This time it only locked doors.

Darn, why it is so difficult. Time to consult the user manual once again.

User manual chapter “0”

In the Finnish manual settings are described on page 41, which is right before chapter 1 begins. Probably whereabout on the same place in other language versions too.

Clearly it states that hold unlock button and it will open front windows. To close windows, hold lock button. But when continuing reading, it also says that I need to consult local dealer if I want really use this feature.

Forester has quite many other features too which can be enabled, disabled or configured by a Subaru dealer. Roughly fifteen different settings. Although most interesting one is this, which is related to front windows.

Other settings are related to the interior light dimming delay, wiper censors, door locking etc.

Might be a good idea to go through the complete list, write down settings which needs to be configured in the future. And next time when car is in the maintenance, settings can be changed according to your wishes.

Hot days continues

So for now front windows stays closed and I am not able to let hot air come out from car beforehand. Although good old method works still. Just keep doors opened for a while before entering in.

New method could be useful in those situations where you cannot open doors fully. E.g. in parking area and there is already car next to yours. Or when you want to show these tricks to someone.

Who would believe that one needs such tricks in a nordic country like Finland.

Summer is here – happy adventuring all – windows opened or closed!


  1. Hi. It happens to me too, I saw a video on YouTube on how to do it and I have not been successful. Nor do I think we have it activated in Spain.


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