Photoshoot session #2

Title says it was a photoshooting session. Yes, I took few photos but it was not actual session. It was two separate situations, with no intentions to go take photos as such but then I did take few snaps. End results was such pleasing to my eyes, so I call this as a photoshooting session.

Car photography is a new and unexpolred area for me. Earlier I have taken mostly random nature and landscape photographs for my other blog (Finnish nature attractions).

Now when I am producing content to this Forester related blog, I think that Forester photos should be relevant to all readers as well. Specially if I manage to take good photos some day.

Where as in nature photography, one can find interesting ideas quite easily. I noticed that car photography requires bit more planning. Different type of planning. At least when really trying to get good photos. As for now on Instagram I have mostly random snapshots but hopefully quality will improve over time.

By planning I mean that, in car photography background and composition matters very much. And with car it is not that easy to find interesting locations. Or interesting places exists many but usually it is not allowed to park your car in front of tourist attraction for example. Or in other interesting place you might disturb traffic. So legal places to park your car without others is quite difficult to find.

Smartphone photos

I did upgrade my smartphone some weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised of it’s photo quality.

Smartphone does a lot HDR magic for the user and in many times results are actually very good. In these both photos I have in-phone HDR setting enabled, so there is multiple exposures combined to one automatically.

In pictures below there is a modern metro station and then ex-Nokia HQ building. Sunset is visible nicely on the background. Sunset thing I didn’t plan that much. Tried to capture office buildings and sea mostly. So I guess I was bit lucky too with these photos.

Also the focal lenght is quite good in smartphones for car photography, to make sure that surroundings are captured too.

DSLR photos

Then I have also maybe 10 year old DSLR camera. Which is still today actually quite fun to use. From internet I learned that reflections on car photos are bad. So I decided to buy CPL (Circular Polarizer/Linear) filter to reduce reflections.

Maybe Forester is such a big car that you can either choose to remove reflections from one part at the time. Windshield or side panels. To be honest, it is not because of the Forester’s size. That same happens with all cars. You would need to take multiple shots and then combine photos in post.

Here is the first test shot using the new filter. I decided to reduce reflections from the windshield. Location vice there is nothing fancy behind, just a grocery store parking lot. I wanted some non-alcoholic beer and decided to use opportunity as Forester was there without other cars surrounding it.

I like the filter! See, no reflections on the windshield! I just needs practicing more as the whole car photography concept.

Which camera is the best for car photography

The old truth. The best camera is the one which you have with. In my case smartphone is always with me, DSLR not that often. A proper camera with good lens is always a winner in terms of photo quality. However it requires some planning and time to achieve good results. Sometimes a single capture with a smartphone can do amazing results as well.

Beginner tips for car photography

As said, I am in the beginning of journey to explore car photography, so my tips on this area might not be as complete. If you have good tips, please share them by commenting below.

Anyways here is what I have found useful so far

  • Try to shoot from different heights (low, high and anything between). That gives unique look to photos.
  • Smartphone or DSLR. Does not matter which camera you use in the beginning. In fact there is amazing photos taken with smartphones nowadays
  • CPL filter helps but is not mandatory in the beginning (DSLR users)
  • Composition matters and here we come also to the locations. If you find interesting architecture and you can park your car legally in front of it, there might be a good opportunity for a great composition too.
  • Look for framing. E.g. above is photo of e-Boxer and metro station. Hybrid Forester is “framed” there by the background architecture.

More photos?

Sure! Have you already followed me on Instagram? I publish most of the photos there. Then some of those photos ends up to banner photos of blog posts and selected ones to the wallpaper gallery. Make sure to check that too! Personally I love the first wallpaper on gallery and I have used that on my PC background image for ages already.

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