Subaru Starlink: Weather app updated to version 5.0

In the EU, Subaru has handful applications inside their Starlink mobile app. One of the most useful apps is the Weather app. It was only day before when I used that app. Interface was then the one which has been there from the beginning.

Today we went to take some photos of the e-Boxer (see the picture below, nice one?). On return trip I decided to try out Weather app again. To my surprise the interface was completely new!

The old user interface had only 3 days forecast and for current temperature. Also the color scheme was bit lighter.

Starlink Weather app “old” interface

Starlink Weather app features

New interface is better than it used to be. It is fresh and it has new features. There is now possibility to show 24h forecast in 3 hours intervals and then also 6 days forecast on own tab.

Both of these displays shows weather at the current location but also on other predefined locations. There is possibility to store up to 5 different locations. However you need to store locations using your smartphone beforehand.

On the mobile phone

  1. access Weather app
  2. Click gear icon on top right corner
  3. Click add new region
  4. Zoom map to desired location and click search – choose right location from the list

It is bit cumbersome to use the search function within mobile app. You will need to move crosshair to the desired location and then hit search. App will then offer nearby locations to choose from.

So there is no text search. Zoom out enough, navigate, zoom in and press search.

Wired or without

One advantage with Starlink apps over CarPlay is that apps works also over blutooth connection. With CarPlay you will need to plug-im cable everytime.

And wait there is more! This particular Weather app is the only one available. There is no similar weather CarPlay app available. I would like to be proven wrong here!

It is also possible to use simultaneously Starlink apps and CarPlay apps. E.g. start playing music from Spotify, then switch to the Weather app.

Really nice to have this app. As there is no CarPlay variant available and other Starlink apps are far less useful.

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