In search of new photoshoot location

Wifey asked me to visit in post office to pickup one delivery for her. No clue what that delivery contains but something important certainly for her.

I immediately volunteered for the trip. Couple reasons. Any trip with Forester is a joy but secondly I had now opportunity to check one location, if it would fit for my next photo-shoot location. And well, there was actually third reason too. I could buy one Indian Pale Ale beer for myself.

With a gorgeous newborn baby in family, it is not always that obvious to go and do some own personal business.

So any reason to go out works! Let’s go driving!

Driving to the post office goes as in normal everyday life. Someone drives too closely to my back bumber. I try to lurk from the rear mirror what type of car and driver there is. Black GTI Golf from the 90’s, younger male driver and girl at the passenger side. Luckily they turned to other road after few kilometres. I’m not in rush, I am enjoying Forester’s smooth ride.

There the post office is already. I arrived to the destination. Actually it is grocery store and they are also operating parcels and packages too, behalf of Posti. By the way, their building is in middle of very deep incline. Guaranteed that I will make up some reasons to arrive back next winter here. This looks very promising AWD playground.

Luckily there is not that many other customers inside shop/post, so I quickly grabbed beer and the delivery. Beer selection is quite limited but IPA tastes always good. In few minutes I was out again.

In the car, I harnessed the power of Google Maps and CarPlay. I could not remember exact address to the place I wanted to visit and then not quite sure if I knew route there. So I decided to search place from the map and navigate there.

Forester worthy road

After some driving navigator instructed tight turn to right, down to deep hill to the gravel road. We are now out of pavement. On the way, I saw construction site with some heavy machines. Those could work with my car photos too?

Gravel road twisted to left and right few times. Road went more narrow all the time. Few abandoned buildings too. Those looks too creapy, I don’t want to use those as background.

Finally I am the spot I was thinking. It appears to be a road construction site. Although constructors might have some more important projects ongoing, since some flowers and other grass grows all over. As they were building a proper road and replace this Forester worthy road.

I backed up car over some rocks and started to evaluate how this place works. Huge disappointment, looks very boring actually. Lifeless as rocks can be. I take some iPhone photos from few different angles but none of those looks particularly fabulous. Bulk pictures I say. But road to this place was fun!

On the way back I noticed one very interesting intersection. Almost instantly I get idea to try Forester’s capabilities. Incline is incredible! So I engage X-Mode to Deep Snow/Mud setting. Situation was that unthinkable that I forget to check exact readings how steep ascent it actually is. Beneath is loose gravel so Deep setting is absolutely justified!

Carefully I applied throttle. I expect some wheelspin. To my surprise car moved expressionlessly without any problems. I knew that Forester is capable but this small test impressed me much!

I did not find a new photo-shoot location. At least sort of place I had initially in my mind. Maybe I can return to this place later on, with more time and do some more AWD tests. And photograph that. Just need to rethink a bit how one-man-band can do that.

Time to head back home

First things first. Beer to refrigerator. Someone once said to me that warm beer brings all vivid tastes lively. I prefer cold beer. Then I handed parcel to wifey. By the way package contained gift for the newborn baby from central Europe. Gift from distant relatives.

Evening went nicely, browsing photos and enjoying ice cold IPA.

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