Weathertech Floor Liners Review

My kid loves Forester. Or at least it feels so to me. So much there is sand and dirt on the second row floor. Specially center hump seems to work as an dirt magnet. I try to keep car clean inside out and outside in. Sometimes it tends to be difficult. Not because task itself is difficult. Only finding time for that cleaning task is difficult.I often end-up hoovering dirt away. Odd thing is that there is time to time small rocks also under driver’s floor mat. How in earth sand find it’s way there? Would there be a solution?

After all, answer is not that complicated. There is floor mats but then there is floor liners. I need floor liners.

Floor mats vs floor liners

Subaru offers floor mats, either in carpet or rubber, which prevents most of the dirt. Floor mats are, well, mats. Whereas floor liners has high edges to keep all dirt on the mat (and preventing dirt to go under mat). And later on it is easy to take liners away and do few magical swings to shake dirt off.

That was good news. Bad news are that Subaru does not sell floor liners. So I needed to head after aftermarket accessories. Small research reveals that there is two major brands in this business. WeatherTech and Husky Liners.

Both are American manufacturers and have a good reputation, what comes to the their product quality. I found dozens and dozens of reviews both of these from Youtube. There is some differences between these products. In materials and how they look. Husky has more products in this category. E.g. rubber feel in one of their products. I.e. it is more softer than WeatherTech’s alternative. On the other hand WeatherTech has more color choices. I ended up to order from WeatherTech. Their product was bit better looking to my eyes. As if it would matter. And in fact it did.

Why regular floor mars are not enough

Basic mats certainly does what they are designed to do. Depending of your personal preferences you might want better protection for the car. E-Boxer is somewhat pricey car, so protecting it with better floor mats (or liners) is not a bad idea. Besides, dirty car is bit like dirty underwear. Better to keep boxers clean!

Better protection means less hoovering too. That is a clear benefit also. Particularly on second row floor, where is no protection at center hump with genuine Subaru mats. WeatherTech floor liner on second row is made from one piece, so it will cover also center hump tunnel as seen photo below.

Floor liners experiences

The best accessory I have ever bough! Just makes me wonder why I didn’t get these earlier. And second thought is that why Subaru does not offer this type of “floor mats” (i.e. floor liners). Now dirt, sand and small rocks stays away from there where those does not belong. So there is less hoovering. Weathertech floor liners looks also quite cool so in my mind it is also improving interior a bit. At least when floor liners are clean. And speaking of cleaning, these are very easy to clean. Dirt washes easily off when needed.

Installing floor liners is as just easy as placing regular mats. As you probably have existing mats, remember to remove those first and put new liners in place.

If I would complaint about something, it would be removal of the rear liner when cleaning the car. There might be sand and rocks and taking away such a long item may put those particles to drop back to the car. So when removing rear liner, do it with caution. Second complaint would be the price of these floor liners.

Floor liners prices

These are not cheap products. Floor liners costs roughly 180€ (including shipping) and Subaru genuine mats 70€. So the price difference is big. In my opinion price is justified as these are bit different products too. Although the ultimate purpose is same, protect your precious car.

Ordering from USA

As these are American products, it required me to order these as well from there. Ordering process had some dilemmas but finally I managed to do it. Registering to WeatherTech USA site is not possible as they require local address from USA. Then they have WeatherTech Europe site but that is not updated with 5th generation Forester products. So you are not able select right floor liners to the shopping cart.

Via email I got contact with them and discussed needed details. Once everything was agreed, quickly I received email from FedEx, floor liners are coming. Dirt, prepare for defeat!

Delivery time from USA

It took week to get floor liners from the States to Finland. I think it was quick. Some other items from China travelled two months. In one week from USA is really fast indeed! FedEx courier arrived to my front door and handed the parcel. Very convenient indeed.

LASFIT Floor liners

Another possible brand than WeatherTech or Husky Liners is LASFIT. I don’t have personally experience of these but I found this tip from the e-Boxer dedicated Facebook group. Seems that at least based on the user’s comment, these are indeed very good option as well.

Product details says that Lasfit is very elastic, which is actually very good feature. I am still using WeatherTech and they have very hard plastic. That is somewhat annoying especially when removing floor liner from the second row. As it is a bit tricky job to do without dropping any dirt back to the car. Lasfit seems to have also 45 days return policy, so it should be a quite safe to purchase and return if you’re not happy for some reason.


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