Comfortable ride with Subaru Forester

Add two child car seats to and one adult to the back seat of Forester. Other child is new born and other 6 years old. Drive some time and ask from the adult that is the ride good and comfortable? If answer is YES, then it really could be.

Normal COVID-19 era morning

I woke up around 7.00 to brew some coffee. Both of our child were still sleeping. How odd that is. Maybe I have some time to check news before others will wake up too. Nothing super interesting in the news and normal stats in my social media presence.

Then I noticed old book of Finnish travel destinations on our table. Maybe my wife brought it there. I didn’t certainly. I browsed it and drank some coffee at the same time. There was interesting sound destination for a day trip. Not even too far away from our home. Maybe one hour of driving.

After a while others woke up too and I asked wife that what about if we go to Raasepori and check what town have to offer. At least book says there is fancy shops and nice parks to see.

Some discussion and finally we decided to drive there and check the place.

Packing the Forester

Yes, we need some packing for one hour driving too. With a new born baby you need countless amount of different type of stuff. Biggest stuff being baby strollers which fits very well to the cargo department. I am already quite experienced to put things to car. Now we need only “pack” baby there too. That can be bit trickier job time to time but finally we managed to do that as well.

Stuff in car, family in car, all check and off we go!

Driver locked to the back seat

All started too well. Baby was sleeping but he woke up suddenly with enormous cry. Maybe there was something in the diapers or then baby was hungry. We needed “emergency” stop and we got good luck too since I found a good spot for us. Some sort of empty office building’s yard was very good place for this operation.

Forester is a big car but changing diaper in the back seat can be problematic, I decided to take off strollers out of the cargo area. So we can put baby there and change diapers more easier.

But suddenly strong rain started from nowhere. Quickly wife takes baby to the front of the car. Puts my camera gear and other stuff to the driver’s seat. Meanwhile I pack strollers pack to the cargo area. Then I notice that driver’s seat is reserved so I decided to go to back seat. Just to avoid not to get that wet from rain.

After a while I noticed that I am locked to the backseat. Both doors have a child lock enabled, which seems to work fine. My wife released me once baby was happy again, so we were able to continue our trip. Although baby was unhappy again soon, so our original destination changed to other on the fly. But we found good food at least, even the town we visited now was not that fancy as the one where we were supposed to go.

Subaru Forester seats are comfortable

Above story had it’s moments even we didn’t reach our original destination. However what comes to the ride quality of the Forester. Quite many bloggers and professional reviewers has said that Forester with Subaru Global Platform has excellent ride quality. I agree, it is very good. Near to German rivals.

Comfortable ride quality needs also good and spacious seats. Personal preferences plays big role which is good seat and which is not. E.g. Forester does not have a lumbar adjustment in driver’s seat. Luckily I found it extremely good seat as it is now.

Wife travels mostly at the back seat with our new born baby. That is because she fits there well. Remember there is two child car seats already. And then she thinks it is comfortable place to sit (middle position). I think she has mentioned it now two or three times already. And on this trip she mentioned of the view, how well passengers can see from the back seat.

She is not Subaru enthusiastic, not even car enthusiastic. So I really think Forester e-Boxer ride quality and comfort is now proven to be true.

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