Locked in, again

Doing mistakes is a good way to learn. But when you do same mistake twice in a short period of time. That kind of disturbs a bit.

Car wash

Weather forecasts said that we should not have rains coming anytime soon. Sunshine and warm weather, summer time indeed. Good weather is also good time for a good car wash.

It was near sunset time of evening when I headed for a car wash. I try to avoid automatic washing machines. Instead I wash car myself with two bucket method. This is because I want to avoid rubbing small particles against paint. Sand and small rocks can seriously scratch precious paint job.

I also took camera with me. I had an idea to take few photos of clean Forester in sunset. I had also one particular location in mind. Although that place fits better for sunrises but still worth to try. Washing Forester takes 20-30 minutes, including drying.


After finishing the job I thought that maybe I could try to take few interior shots all interior lights lit. Quickly noticed that I am too close if taking photo from the driver’s seat. Maybe I get better results from back seat at center place. Lens I had is not particular fast. Meaning that I would need slower shutter speeds. Also lens and camera body lacks image stabilization. All I get is blurred photos. Straight to the trash.

I will need try again with different lens. I grab back door handle and immediately understood that I was locked in. Again. It was the child lock. Same thing happened for me only week before. How I couldn’t remember. Week ago I was with my family and had some hazzle ongoing when trying to change diapers for newborn baby and it started to rain.

There I was sitting alone in big empty hall, car engine running and me stuck in the back seat. Only option is to climb to the front seat. I took shoes off, then moved to front seat with some special ninja moves. Shut engine off, exited car and went to get shoes back. Hoping no-one sees me. Maybe I remember child lock better now?


Now when child lock issue is taken care of. Next item on the list is photos in the sunset. Quickly I find place I had in my mind but unfortunately there was already people. So I decided to skip that location and try some other time. I don’t want other people or their cars in my photos. Time for famous plan B. I didn’t just have one. Only random driving and see if there is any interesting spots.

I found one hotel and then one parking place near sea shore. There was some other cars and trees blocking view to the sunset. But it was already quite late and I don’t have other opportunities for today. Let’s give it a shot!


Have you ever locked yourself in a car? Or even better. Twice.


  1. Would have loved to see those ninja moves:-) No I never locked myself in but even better: I drained my battery dry twice in one month!
    The first time I was camping at the edge of woods, and when my son and I wanted to drive away in the morning, the battery was dead! I had to call Subaru Emergency and help came 2.5 hours later. I realised that on the way in, I had been charging the coolbox at fulltime power… never do that, I might add.
    The second time was a week ago. Returning from a 4-day trip with my wife, we had party unpacked the car and one of us – obviously it must have been my wife- accidentally switched the roof light switch. We didnt notice, I happened to not need the car for a few days and so, when I eventually did want to drive off, again, dead! This time completely: doors wouldnt open, nothing. And so the wife took me to buy charging cables, I applied them and that worked.
    You see , even a great car cannot survive a stupid driver :-


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