Long distance driving

I have not drove long distance driving since I brought car to home at January. From that trip I remember comfortable ride and comfy seats. I have also recently wrote 6 months comments of ownership of the Subaru Forester e-Boxer. That blog post kind of missed comments of long distance driving.

Now I had chance to drive 1200 km in few days. It wasn’t exactly a road trip. Traveling to relatives through familiar roads and with few stops to gas stations to sip coffee and fuel up the e-Boxer.

Forester seat comfort

I have not changed my mind of the seat comfort. Those are still great place to sit on. However first time I missed lumbar support for a moment, after driving several hours in a row. Changing body position and stretching helped bit and enough for the next stop to get better relaxing for back.

So driver’s seat is comfortable but better not to underestimate need for a rest. With or without lumbar support. At least for me it is essential to have those every now and then. Maybe Subaru adds lumbar support in some phase, who knows?

Forester e-Boxer performance

Other topic in this blog, which I have been writing a lot is the boxer engine and mild hybrid performance. Is car powerful enough. Like with the seat comfort topic, still I think there is enough performance but know your car and its limits.

I had opportunity to drive bit different road this time. Which I knew that it did not have that many places to pass e.g. trucks if needed. Many blind spots behind curvy roads with up and down hills.

Few times there was slower traffic ahead and I did not feel comfortable to pass slower cars. Maybe with faster car with more power and torque I could use less good passing opportunities but now I decided to wait.

So there is enough power but engine does have some limitations, which is good to know and remember.

Subaru safety

I had also some time to think about Subaru’s safety systems during the journey. It is actually very good to have extra eyes (Eyesight) on the road too. And maybe extra foot on brake pedal also.

Luckily there was no need for these systems but never know what happens. Some time ago I red that Forester got better safety results than Tesla Model Y in EuroNCAP.

Subaru has not confirmed that what kind of obstacles Eyesight detects. Owner’s manual says that it cannot detect items below 1 meter. And I have noticed that sometimes it has warned me about bushes. This makes me think that it is possible that Eyesight detects big animals such as moose. Hopefully I never need to experiment that.

Subaru Forester e-Boxer fuel consumption

First half of the trip I drove 550 km. Temperatures were quite optimal. Around 20 Celsius degrees. We have currently summer speed limits. On express ways speed limits are 120km/h and otherwise on highways mostly 100 or 80 km/h. When I reached my destination trip meter showed me 6,6 litres per 100 kilometres fuel consumption. Quite good!

Then I drove some short distance driving and on way back temperatures were already colder. Between 13 to 15 Celsius degrees. Also some very heavy rain. Final fuel consumption figure for entire trip was 7,0 litres per 100 km. Pretty much similar figures on January when I got 7,2 / 100 km.

Subaru Forester e-Boxer photos

Of course I had some time to take photos at the trip too. One morning was somewhat rainy and clouds looked bit dramatic. There was also field nearby so I decided to head there and tried to capture environment.

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  1. Very interesting with the mileage when driving longer distances. And also what speed, and maby how often the EV sign operates?
    I notice in winter the full electric mode is not very often due to climate system need heat etc.
    When i turned off AC and climate control it appears to drive more often in electric mode, even at speeds around 50km/h.

    Cold weather, cold engine/transmission and high cruising speed seem to bring out the worst in this car though, with over 10 ltr/100km at least.

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