Subaru Forester warning lights

Subaru UK has published very informative article about different type of warning lights that may lit up on the dashboard. With a new car it is somewhat unwanted to have any warnings. Generally we would be just happy to drive without any extra worries. However I have seen already few times GPF warning, EyeSight temporary disabled and TPMS warning. So it is not that rare that even new cars can have warnings lit on the dashboard. It is advisable to get familiar what kind of warnings there is and which of them requires immediate attention and which is more informative type of event.

Subaru categories warnings to three different category:

  • Green is an information alert. It means there’s something you should be aware of, but your vehicle can still be driven – there’s no immediate danger to you, your passengers or other road users.
  • Amber is an advisory alert. It means the system has detected an issue of a slightly more serious nature, which may need dealer intervention – but you can still drive your car.
  • Red is a major warning. It means swift rectification of a problem is required – you should speak to your local Subaru dealership before continuing with your journey.

Personally I knew that they have this orange / red warnings but didn’t know beforehand that there was third category as well. When red is seen, check the issue before continuing trip. And actually it seems that even amber/orange light is lit on the dashboard, it does not necessary mean that warning itself would be in Amber category. E.g. GPF light is orange but according to Subaru, warning is in green category, meaning that event is more of informative type. And then again EyeSight temporary disabled warning is without any color on the dash. That warning I would assume it is more Green type of event but again, according to Subaru that is categorized to Amber. Most likely due to it’s impact directly to safety. As one of the critical safety system is offline for a moment. That have happened me during in very bad weather conditions. And when rain eases a bit, EyeSight comes back online.

So I strongly advice you to take a closer look at Subaru UK article “Understanding your Subaru’s warning lights“. It is very well written and very informative. Something that all owners should check.

Have you seen any warning lights with your e-Boxer?


  1. Hi, Very good, that You mentioned in blog some how important, but marginal for Forester users, issues. Most important and interesting questions for Forester e-boxer users are rather basic vulnerabilities of this car: to big fuel consumption (in my case 8,2 liters per 100 km. at very calm driving), shameful weak acceleration and short driving distance to app. 400 km (app. 500 km. by not advisable driving to “the empty tank”). I used Volvo XC 90 for 13 years. Through this time Volvo made at least two times important upgrades of software engine system with good results (additional once offered payed upgrade from other partner IT company as acceptable for Volvo tuning). You are close to Subaru company. Maybe can You suggest them to do something with this and solve this shameful for them problems, at least partially. Maybe they can use their partner company Toyota experience on this field (hybrid RAV4 don’t have such problems). Best Andrzej Derlatka

    Wysłane z iPada

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    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      First of all. Not sure what you mean by “I am close to Subaru”. This blog is 100% hobby project and I have no connections to Subaru. Car was bought with my own money, web site maintenance paid by me and writing content on my own free time. Although I would be happy if Subaru would recognize this site and maybe offer some offroad experience sessions. I know they are arranging occasionally that type of events in Finland for media.

      I think Forester is more towards “lifestyle” car and it is not meant to be performance oriented. But I agree that tank capacity could be bigger and even some more power to the engine. At least different engine options for those who needs it. Current setup is very mild hybrid and for my driving style performance is enough. Using sports mode seems to help bit, e.g. when there is need to pass someone.

      Why it is good to understand different alerts? Better you know your car, better you can deal alert when car flashes a light in the dashboard. E.g. GPF warning can be frightening when it lit.


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