Dent on the hood

Few weeks ago we decided to have a weekend trip to our lovely capital Helsinki. There is one apartment building that we can use as the actual owner is rarely there. Few weeks ago we had quite a storm at the capital area too. Usually Subaru loves bad weather but this time was different.

Staying over night at our destination went extremely fine. We grabbed some pizza from the nearby restaurant. Authentic Italian restaurant. Surprisingly staff spoke very well Finnish but then they switched to Italian after I finished my order and paid the food. I can tell that it was Italian language since they waved hands so much. No offence Italian readers. It is just fun to see when it happens. We all do have our habits. Finns e.g. agrees things by being completely silent. Which is bit problematic nowadays when majority is working from home and participating online meetings. Try to figure out the silence… “hello… are you guys still there?”.

At early evening I spent some time in Helsinki centrum by taking some night photos. There was one shop and display with nice decorations and lights. I decided to take some photos of it too. Suddenly I noticed that there was some people behind the display. So I then changed my mind not to take photos. Maybe they don’t like some photographing them from the street.

I took few decent night photos and on my way back to the apartment I decided to take a better look what kind of shop that was, which I was about to take photographs. I quickly noticed that it wasn’t a shop in the first place at all. It was a massage place! Lucky me that I moved forward, instead of photographing that place. I bet no-one wouldn’t believe me that my intention was to take photographs of the decorations and nice lights.

Back to home

After our weekend trip was about to end, I headed up to pack stuff back to the Forester’s cargo space. Quickly I noticed that there is branch next to my car. I guessed what has happened. It felt down from the nearby tree and causing a dent to car’s hood. Not big one but big enough still that it needs to be repaired.

On next week I contacted condominium and asked whether their insurance would cover the dent. They answered quite quickly but refused to co-operate and asked me to contact my own insurance company. Which I did and they said similar story. Unfortunately condominiums cannot watch every branch and check whether wind could make it to break, and therefor I should cover damages from my insurance. Which I then agreed to do so as my deductible is somewhat low.

Finding the body shop

I do not care to mention exact body shops I contacted regarding the case. But both companies I discussed dealt case fine. Let’s say that company A has official Subaru repairing at my town. I emailed them and I received response fairly quick back and they asked come to visit and show the damage. Email I received came from the town next to me, not from the place I emailed in the first place.

I remembered that there is a Subaru dealer in the next town and drove there. At the counter I realized that wait a minute. This is not a company A, this is company B. I had my face mask on and eyeglasses vaporized. Clerk responded me – Right! This is the official Subaru dealer, company A is not. But they are located just opposite of this street in case I want to do business with them.

Actually both of these companies were official Subaru dealers. Just company A was not in that particular town but they had presence there as well for other brands such as Peugeot.

Treatment for the hood

As it can seen from the featured image, there is a clear damage. Not big but still. Body shop said that even paint was not damaged, it will sacrifice when they are fixing that dent. Therefor they need to paint whole hood again. I am not specialist on that area, so it is bit difficult for me to argue against. Only worry I had will it be exactly same color as the other parts of the car.

Wife’s car

I was few days without my e-Boxer and needed to borrow my wife’s Toyota Auris Hybrid. Toyota’s powertrain is very good and smoother than Subaru’s CVT. Specially in stop and go type of traffic. But I missed my Forester all the time despite smoother transmission. Visibility during pitch dark and rainy mornings is from the different world. Low beam light performance is on very different level, even then Auris had full LED lights. Then brake feeling is very unnatural compared to Subaru. It would be now interesting to drive RAV4 Hybrid (plug-in) and compare that to Forester. Maybe one day I could do that and report experiences here. Who knows?

Receiving Forester back

It was not enough that I tried to bring Forester to “wrong” company for repairing. There was more. I ordered taxi to get me to company A in town next to me to get Forester back in fixed condition. Driver somehow heard wrong and brought me in front of metro station. And it was near closing time of the body shop, so I started to be a bit hurry already. Of course taxi meter was not closed and I needed to ask it twice to stop it. As I’m not going to pay extra of that sightseeing driving.

After all I was there in time and found someone inside the building. He was little surprised when I mentioned that I came to pickup my Subaru. Amazed face was because company A was not Subaru dealer in that particular town. So they rarely have Subarus for repairing.

But I received my car back hood fixed, painted and by the way I didn’t pay full price of that taxi ride.


  1. ‘Finns e.g. agrees things by being completely silent. Which is bit problematic nowadays when majority is working from home and participating online meetings.”

    I really love your posts, leep them coming11

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    1. Thank you! Yes I have paid maintenance fees for one more year, so I’ll keep entertaining you guys best I can. After all even it is fun to produce content all by myself, it is double as fun when somebody really reads these texts. And even leaves some comments 🙂

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