Merry christmas!

Time goes so fast! Or it might depend actually. When I was waiting to get the new e-Boxer last year, it felt time could go even faster. But now this site has been up and running for over one year.

When I decided to create this blog, I made commitment to publish content for one year. Now that time has passed. It was time to rethink should I continue to run blog or put site to disposal. Time to give your valuable opinion too!

It has been super fun to create content. Although from content vice I could not write all of those things I had initially on my mind. Many road trips was uncovered due to the global situation. Initial thought was, I could share my tips and advises of the best places to visit in Finland. Not to forget Forester aspect in those blog posts. But I could not travel at all during this year. We also have a newborn baby, so it would be a bit unfair me to drive with a Subaru and leave wife alone in the home with the kids.

What I was able to do during this year then. I was able to provide my thoughts of the Forester e-Boxer with some fuel consumption data. How is the car to drive in everyday situations. In fact over 60 blog posts written! That is quite many thoughts of one car without actually driving that much.

Highlights from the year 2020

Year is going to end soon, it’s time to recap the best memories from the current year.

What surprised me most that I received several private emails (through the contact form) from the e-Boxer owners. Even one XV owner reported in. Also some blog posts activated commenting, which delighted me very much! Some of the comments also suggested that they have found this blog useful, while others provided very valuable information to other readers as well.

This blog found readers all over Europe but also from the United States and from Australia. USA was a bit surprise as they do not have e-Boxer at their market but this blog has few universal posts that fits for the American Subaru Forster audience as well. Like blog posts regarding Subaru’s Starlink system or experiences of the TPMS system.

Most of the time I was more than happy my e-Boxer Forester. I had (and still have) some issues with the GPF but really looking forward to get a software update for the car in early 2021. I keep fingers crossed that it finally solves those issues. Car has so many great features, so it would be unbelievable hard to think driving any other car.

Subaru Forester photos

I also took quite many photos of the car in different scenery. Some in Helsinki city and some in “middle of no where”. Here are the highlights of the year 2020. May I present black Subaru Forester e-Boxer!

Coming year

To create new content it would mean some traveling and driving with the car. Which I would certainly love to do! However I still do have my day job, global pandemic is still ongoing and then some family related topics sets some limitations to my traveling.

I am not saying that it is impossible to provide some new content (e.g. those mini road trips I was planning to do) but it might require some planning to do those. What I can do without traveling is to do some interviews. One thought was contacting Subaru and ask someone for interview. But knowing their communications policy, that is somewhat uncertain would they agree. But what else I can do, find some e-Boxer owners and ask opinions and experiences. Also persons from other “teams” such as RAV4 drivers and ask their comments.

Also to keep this site active and alive. Most of all site, needs readers. So if you want to support this work, easiest way is to actively comment on blog posts. If you think that someone would benefit of this content, share the link of this blog.

With snow or without snow

Last winter was skipped almost totally. If we get snow this time, I would be able to report how the e-Boxer copes in snowy conditions. So I am really looking forward to get some snow to south Finland as well. In Lapland they have already quite much snow. If not this winter but in the coming winters I will drive my Subaru definitely there and grab some camera gear with me. Chasing Aurora Borealis sounds like a lot of fun! But before going there I hope we have some snow in the capital area as well to get proper snow experience.

Merry Christmas!

Time to wish you all dear readers very relaxing festive holidays and happy new year 2021!
Adventureforester blog / Tomi

PS. Do you like my little Christmas tree in a Subaru Forester e-Boxer? Brings certainly Christmas feeling to the cabin!


  1. Hi Tomi

    I for one enjoy your posts very much! Granted, now that I own and drive the Forester, I’m not as keen to read every publication about it as I was in the preownership phase. But your posts are informative and sometimes very funny too, so I always look forward to yours and read them all.
    As for my Subie, well, there are simply no problems whatsoever. No warnings the whole year, excellent performance in mud and on bumpy paths, good accelleration in sports mode. Roomy, even my 2.06m son fits in easily. And always reliable! Never regretted buying it, probably never will.
    I salute you for your blog, keep it up!
    Rgrds, Kees

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I can understand that once you own the car, this type of blog is not that interesting as it is before you get the car. But I am glad that you visit here every now and then and give some comments to the blog posts. Care to update mileage to the high mileage club? 🙂


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