Nuuksio National Park – Klassarinkierros route

Finally snow! Winter 2019/2020 was totally without snow, or there was maybe few days but that I count as skipped winter. I have owned e-Boxer Forester now for a year and it is first time it sees snow properly.

It was still snowing at the morning. I wanted to go to the national park as early as possible. I woke already at 6.00 morning time. Not because I wanted to go that early, but my family was waking up and therefor I couldn’t sleep more. It was also pitch dark at that time, so no point to go to outdoors just yet.

Before I really could get moving, I needed to build one snow castle for my son. Once I was driving to the destination, big smile came to my face. Forester really seems to work well even there was quite a lot snow on the road. Only downside with the AWD is that you don’t realize how slippery it is. Car moves from the traffic lights, as it would do on the summer time.

When I approached Nuuksio, I noticed that I am one of the first visitors there. I saw only one tracks in the snow. So there was one car before me. Road was not in that bad condition but going through snowy road is so much fun when you have ground clearance and good AWD system. Even though those conditions could be handled with a FWD car as well.

Reason I wanted to go there early as possible (meaning when there is at least some daylight available) is that Nuuksio is the most popular national park in Finland. It is so close to the capital area, so it is also very accessible for many citizens and visitors. That makes finding parking slot bit a challenge, if you’re not there as early bird.

I have visited the main entrance many times before but this “Klassarinkierros” route is new for me. As I suspected, there will be no parking place available if I come later. That I witnessed when I finished my track. Parking area was full of other cars.

Nuuksio – Klassarinkierros

Klassarinkierros is a loop route, in a versatile nature. Small streams, up- and downhills and lot’s of coniferous trees. Route length is 3,9 km and is medium challenging as there is a lot roots and rocks you need to jump over. Time to time you need to use duckboards to go over swamps and other wet areas. Klassarinkierros is extremely well guided, there is no chance to get lost. All you need to do is to follow purple diamonds and sometimes those rhombuses are quite close to each others. Depending of your speed route takes something between 90 to 120 minutes to complete.

I have red earlier that the best time to visit Klassarinkierros is spring time. This was my first time here and all trees were covered with snow. It was magical feeling as I could not hear traffic or even air planes. Snow made forest look really cool.

During the trip there was a sign to Saarilampi. That was a great place to make a campfire and have some snacks. It was also allowed to setup tent there. Park offers woods for the campfire and even an axe. Just bring the matchstick with you.

Klassarinkierros route (marked on red) is 3,9 km long

How to get to Klassarinkierros

Klassarinkierros route is one of the many available routes in Nuuksio National Park. Please note that Nuuksio is a very big park and there is many entrances and parking places. Don’t get confused and make sure you head to right one, if you wish to go this route. Klassarinkierros is located on the west side of the park.

Klassarinkierros is 40 minutes drive away from Helsinki

If you are using Google Maps, just say loud “Klassarinkierros” and it will guide you straight to the correct parking place. In case you are using some other navigation system you may use address Valklammentie 2, 03220 Vihti, Finland. From Helsinki the easiest way to get there is to drive highway 1 towards Turku and then take exit at Veikkola.

Klassarinkierros parking

Parking is free but make sure that you park your car to the official parking place. Otherwise you might get a parking ticket as parking is controlled. Other good to know thing is that even parking area is reasonable big, national park is very popular. So there might be not free slots available if you come too late. Earlier you be there, better chances to get a parking place.


  1. Ah man, I wish you had a longer video. The park looks amazing! What a weather to drive through the beautiful forest in the Forester. One lucky man you are.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Want to ask you about the power of the engine. Do you ever felt that the car is underpowered, that it is too big for 1995cc? What is your opinion?


      1. So, I have the Subaru Forester e-Boxer for a week now, and boy oh boy I love her! We had some snow in London too! Nowhere near as much as you have in Finland, but still, snow and ice nevertheless. And man, she does perform, even with the standard Bridgestone tyres, which are not the winter tyres, she did climbed all the hills around my house, where other cars were sliding down backwards with the wheels spinning forwards.
        I can not describe how pleased I am with my car. I am speechless!
        I want to break her in before the lockdown is lifted and I can drive home across the Europe. I am thinking about changing oil and filter at least for the engine, I will ask them to give me the quote about gearbox oil as well. I want to be on the safe side and know that I did all I could to have her last for as long as possible.
        Meanwhile I am waiting for the lockdown to go away, so I can take her to Scotland and Wales.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Great news then! Good to hear that you are happy with your new car. Was it expensive to change oil? I did not change oils when the car was new, just when car had scheduled maintenance at 15 000km. Hoping also that pandemic would go away, it would be so nice to go to the different road trips with this car. Safe miles!


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