Subaru Forester 15 000 km service

The headline says 15 000 km service but actually I had one year service recently. I drove roughly 13 000 during the first year. Probably you will guess why I got so few kilometers. So the Forester’s first service is dependent which one is achieved first, mileage or one year. I decided to have a small road trip also and try service outside of our capital area. Firstly I liked to know if I get different (better?) service and secondly it seemed to be good idea to support smaller companies also during these hard times.

Content of the Forester’s 15 000 km / one year service

First service is quite minor. From the papers I received I can see that content is following:

  • Oil change (they used Castrol Edge 0W/30 Professional oil)
  • Oil filter change
  • Cabin air filter change
  • Update software is newer version is available (in my case GPF related update was the most interesting)
  • Check error codes
  • Check battery health
  • Check fuel tubes and ensure attachment
  • Check lights
  • Check brake fluids
  • Check drive shaft
  • Grease hinges and locks
  • Check corrosion
  • Test drive the vehicle

Once the service was ready, service guy said that everything is OK and nothing abnormal found. That was expected, car is still so new so I wouldn’t expect any major findings at this time. So did I get “different” or “better” service from a smaller company? Maybe it was bit more personal. And certainly they were not in rush. Maybe I could use them in the future as well. Price for the first service was 216,92 Euros (including labor).

GPF update

GPF update is part of the checking software versions in general. In my case there was a newer version available. There is also a official service bulletin regarding content of the GPF update. Although it is not possible to disclosure it in this blog. It would need Subaru’s permission to do that. However the official bulleting does not tell much. Main point is that older software version estimates soot accumulation incorrectly under hard acceleration or in colder environment. Newer version includes also some other updates regarding co-operation between electric and gasoline engine resulting more sophisticated driving experience. I am really looking forward if this update solved my GPF issues for good. What comes to the co-operation between electric and gasoline engine. Maybe it did help a bit. Or it could be my imagination as well but it feels bit smoother now.

Subaru Forester Honeycomb front grille

I got a new sport grill for the Forester, or Honeycomb grille as Subaru calls it in the Europe. This was additional work obviously. Default grille looks bit boring to me, so I decided to try this one. Showed it to my wife too but she didn’t notice any difference. That I kind of knew already. I needed to show photo from the old one and she still didn’t see any difference. Well, I ordered it anyways to delight myself. Not for her. She can drive her Toyota.

Honeycomb “holes” looks rather big to me. Made me wonder if this grille is colder for the car during winter. Other thing I started to think if the new grille gives less protection for the radiator. E.g. if there is small rocks coming from other cars. Although, if you check above photo closely, you notice that some of the “gaps” are closed”. So maybe I am worrying too much here. Time will show. New grille looks fabulous anyway! This type of grille should not be available as a accessory, it should be installed default by the factory.

Dealer mentioned that there was some issues with the grille. Not in installing it but when they ordered it from Subaru. Price was double compared to the prize what Subaru says on their official web page. Luckily they did not even try to charge double price from me. They settled issue by themselves and I was sold this grille with the price tag what was on the web page. Actually whole information was something that was unnecessary to tell to the customer but they seemed to be open and honest. So that was the reason why I was told about it. Price for the honeycomb grille was 422 Euros including labor.


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