GPF Update – issues gone?

Some of you may know that I have had some issues with the GPF filter. In short, the first issue came just when I had driven 2300 km with the brand new car. I received the car in January 2020. Last January wasn’t particularly cold and beginning of last year I had more driving since my work involved that. Among that I had short distance driving too and that may cause GPF warning light to lit on. As the car cannot do it’s work to clean the filter. Cleaning filter requires car to be fully warmed and especially during winter it takes obviously longer to warm up.

After the first GPF issue, I faced it 3 more times later the year. Summer time went quite well actually. Summer was warm and I had probably the right kind of driving to allow proper regeneration procedure for the gasoline particulate filter. I had also 9 week summer vacation and when it was possible, we had some longer trips too. So I guess conditions were better for GPF too. Issues came back when the weather went colder and I returned to my normal driving and routines.

GPF software update

I had first service for the car in January 2021. During that time also the GPF software update was applied to my car. According to Subaru, the previous version incorrectly estimated the need for the regen procedure. It should work better especially in the colder weather.

I have been driving now nearly a month and almost 2000 km with the new GPF update. So far so good! Not a single sign of the GPF issues. I started weekly highway driving some time before I got the update. I still do this procedure to make sure that car gets its opportunity to burn soot and other impurities from the filter. I hope this is not too early to report that issues have gone. I decided to report already now as past days and weeks have been rather cold on my area. Over -15 Celsius many days, then I had one week with lot’s of cold starts (only short pre-heating with the electric block heater) and many short distance driving. I would suspect that with the previous software version I would have orange light on the dashboard. So newer version seems to have impact to better direction.

I will continue monitoring the situation and of course report on this blog if the problem comes back. As for now, GPF issues seems to be gone.


      1. Yes I had a very short test drive, I’d say around 10 minutes in the 30km/h speed zone, but it was enough to fell in love with it. My first and only experience with Subaru. Can’t stop thinking about it.

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  1. I am in UK, the car prices changes here in March and September, this is because the new number plates comes out. If it is not a private number plate, then the number plate contains the two letters which indicates the region, then two numbers which indicates the year the car was made and then three random letters. So, with new number plate the car prices gets reduced to keep the buyers interested… I don’t know if I have enough patience to last until the March… All I do is read about it and look at the pictures of it and there is no escape from it, because of lockdown… Your blog and your videos comes as relief for a person in pain or the “quick fix” for the drug addict. So you need to make some more videos 🙂

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    1. Believe me, I would be more than happy produce content! However as this blog is my hobby and majority of the time goes with my day job and then with my lovely family. Night time is when I write some content to this blog. I understand very well what you mean. I think I preordered my car in spring 2019 and got the car finally on January 2020. There was long waiting and consuming all possible content found from internet. Wish this type of blog existed back then 🙂

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      1. As I have initially predicted, I have run out of patience way before March 😦 Picking up my brand new e-Boxer on Wednesday! Yeehaa!


      2. She is a premium trim and she is in green metalic paint… and I’m picking her from a dealer 300 km away, so I’ll have the few hours drive back home. Come on Wednesday, hurry up!

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      3. Thank you and thank you! As it is mainly your fault, tempting me with all the videos of driving in the snowy Finland. I am originally from Lithuania. This winter is particularly spectacular back at home and it looks that in Finland too, with lots and lots of snow and some temperatures below -20C, things I am missing badly here in UK. My niece and my mum sent me a lot of pictures and videos and I am so jealous of all of you. Here was snowing one day for an hour and a half, I was filming and was very exited, like the person who have never seen the snow before. I might sound mad, but I do love Winter very much. So yeah, I found one Forester e-Boxer 300 km away, she was made in the end of 2019, she got 5 miles on the clock (delivery mileage) She is still in plastic wrap and the price was reduced by £8135 from what the new premium trim e-boxer cost here, so it was no brainer to get it before someone else did. So, if a week ago I was sleeping 4-6 hours a night, now I can not sleep at all. Time is moving sooo sloooow… I can feel my beard growing… The dealer also agreed to pay first year CO2 tax and will add the set of mats to sweeten the deal. Getting Covid jab today first of two, the second on in 10 weeks if I am still alive that is…

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      4. Love winter too and finally we have snow. Long we waited it. At least here in southern part of the country.

        Lol. Subaru should send me compensation 🙂 But I am happy if the blog has been helpful. If you wish to have your car to be featured, let me know. Also remember to check in to the high mileage club. By the way green looks very good! Have seen it couple times in dealer showrooms.

        We’re on the road with my family at the moment. Forester is very relaxing companion. Yesterday there was strong side wind but Forester didn’t care much of it 🙂

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  2. There is so many things I would like to ask you about the car. This is the first time I am considering getting the new car. I have managed to get away from buying the car for a very long time, since I have the company vehicle provided to me with reasonable personal use allowance. But I come to the point in my life when I want to go out more and more, I do enjoy outdoors, hiking, photography and recently I have started some metal detecting. All of this requires for me to travel to the location and that would go over the “reasonable private use of the company car”. So, I need to get something which is nice to drive, something you can rely on, something safe and capable and there is nothing else I like more than Subaru Forester MK5.
    There are only e-Boxer version of Forester in UK because of the “ecology thing”, which I totally support! There are only two versions of Forester e-Boxer available to buy, Standard and Premium. The difference between them is around £3000 and for that you get 18″ wheels instead of 17″, privacy tinted glass in the back, the leather interior ant that’s it I think… ah yeah, and the sunroof! I think the test drive was a bad idea, that infected me and now I can’t sleep…

    Thank you for the interesting read.

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    1. Let me know if there is anything you would like to know. Maybe some of those questions have been covered already on different posts. Incase I have not covered, that is then something new to write for me.

      The sunroof is actually very nice. As you probably noticed, cabin is very light and open but sunroof brings light even more. I am very happy that I selected the top trim level. Factory navigation is something on the otherhand that is unnecessary as CarPlay/AndroidAuto is lightyear ahead. I tried to use it few times, so I could gain experiences of it and maybe write something too. But it was too frustrating to use. Instead Google Maps seems to almost read my mind where I want to go.

      Then I need also to comment that majority of my writings are very positive of the Forester. Just because I am honestly happy about the car. However, everyone needs to make own decisions. I would recommend you to ask car for over night test drive from your local dealer. That should give you better understanding if the Forester is right for you.

      PS. You do have similar hobbies then. I like outdoors, hiking and photography too!

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  3. Congratulations for you blog!! It is very interesting, not much information about users opinion of Forester, so it is very useful and helpful for people like me… I’m also thinking about getting this car!!
    Next week I’m doing a test drive with the nearest dealer here (I live in Spain).
    Here the car comes with 17″ summer tires (225/60R17), and you can get 18″ (225/55R18) as an extra for a very good price. I think you have tested both sizes, so what’s your opinion in terms of confort? Maybe with 18″ you can notice less confort in driving? Or no difference?
    Best regards and sorry for my poor english.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! Hopefully you can have long enough test drive, to get familiar with the car.

      Yes I have two sets of tyres. Summer tires with 18″ and winter tires with 17″ wheels. Winter tires are more comfortable but this was expected as they are much softer. But 18″ wheels are not bad either. Our tarmac is super rough and if car works here, I would bet it works in Spain too 🙂

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