Subaru Forester review in 120 seconds

This is probably the most quickest review of any car. Or I actually highlight top 5 favorite features of the hybrid Forester. Originally I made this as a Youtube video but later on I thought I could show it also on this blog. I highly recommend you to watch the video too. It includes such a beautiful winter scenery from Finland. I drove that road some time after a sunrise. Me alone with the e-Boxer Forester. Pure joy!

Feature #5: Small turning circle

Small turning circle. Once you enter narrow backroads you will valuate this feature. You can turn this car in such a tight spots! It’s very useful feature in tight parking garages too. Forester has 10,8m turning circle, in comparison Audi Q3 has 11,8m. Forester is class leading in this, if not the best!

Feature #4: Plenty of features as standard

There’s so much as standard. However one very important thing is that Apple CarPlay / Android Auto comes with the most basic trim level. Highest trim level includes 18″ wheels and sunroof. Sunroof is actually very good to have. It brings even more light to already light cabin.

Feature #3: Ground clearance and Symmetrical AWD

Subaru Forester is very capable car. It outperforms many of its rivals by having permanent all wheel drive. Nowadays not that many manufacturers have this. Even Audi is front wheel drive by default with it’s Quatro Ultra system. Still it is good to remember that Forester is not a true offroader. There is better options for that. However it can tackle even the most demanding roads and weathers easily.

Feature #2: Subaru Global Platform

Finally it feels we have a car which has not been tuned for the “European taste”. Typically European taste means tight platform as a stone. This car has comfort and it drives quietly with confidence. In my opinion it is because of Subaru Global Platform. It is such a well designed platform which gives very good competition to German premium cars in the ride quality.

Feature #1: All-around visibility

Forester has giant windshield and side windows. It’s just so much fun to enjoy scenery from behind the Forester’s steering wheel. Combine this to comfortable drive and it feels that I could just keep driving.

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