Subaru Forester in Social Media

Subaru Forester is a very popular car, especially in the United States. At another markets Forester is popular too but the brand is a bit smaller player generally. 

Subaru has a very big fan base on the internet, regardless of the local market share. Here are some of the interesting places to find and connect other Forester fans.


Adventureforester blog, i.e. this blog you are reading currently. The About page tells a lot of this blog already but as a reminder this site focuses mostly on my experiences of the e-boxer Forester. I have owned a Forester for one and half years now. Comments are based on this experience. 

I have tried to find similar other pages without luck. I have found a few pages that focus on certain brands but not this narrow niche than I have here. If you know other Subaru fan pages, Facebook groups or discussion forums, let me know by commenting on this blog post. 


Facebook groups are an extremely popular way to connect people with similar interests. Here are a few international groups that I have found to be interesting and useful. 

Subaru Forester e-Boxer owners

Forester e-boxer group is a very new group but it is dedicated to e-boxer’s as the name indicates. I recommend you to check this especially this FB group to connect other fellow e-Boxer drivers. At the moment there is handful of members but I am sure that this group will grow as time goes on.

2019+ Subaru Forester Owners

This group is focusing on all 5th generation Forester. Currently it has 4700 members all over the world but based on the comments it looks like that majority of its members are coming from North America. All 5th generation discussions allowed as long it is related to the 5th gen Forester.

European Subaru Forester Owners

Group focuses on European Forester owners but is not limited to any certain generation. All old and new Forester owners are welcome here. I have spotted some e-Boxer related comments there as well. 

Discussion forums

I think that Facebook groups have drawn users from the discussion forums. is still doing well. It has been incredibly active and incredibly long. I remember back in 2011 when I bought a diesel Forester and the site was already active by then. Forester XT owners have been there most active but everybody is welcome there. There is own sections to European drivers.


Adventureforester blog channel

This blog has also a dedicated Youtube channel. Majority of the content is Subaru Forester e-Boxer related. I have plans to update channel every now and then. Please remember to like and subscribe!

Subaru official channels

Subaru has local Youtube channels available for each country but here is few channels for wider audience they are using too.

Subaru On-Youtube, Subaru Europe and Subaru USA. Specially USA and On-Youtube channels are big with many followers.

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