Subaru Forester e-Boxer Meeting

Headline for this blog post sounds like we had a big Subaru festival. As fun as it would be to arrange such a Subaru event, this time we had only 2 people meeting. And I am not even sure if this should be called a meeting in the first place.

It was just a adhoc email to one of the blog readers and then quickly we decided to take a few photos of our cars.

And it was super fun to meet another e-Boxer owner and share experiences of the car. Quite similar feelings we had in general. Although he pointed out a few places of the car which collects dirt, which I didn’t notice earlier. But now once those are shown to me, they start most likely to bug me too in the near future.

Our common understanding was that Forester is such a pleasant to drive as it has a very comfortable platform. It is not that bad in fuel efficiency, though if you really need a fuel efficient car, then it is better to look e.g. plug-in cars.

We both thought also that Forester is not the cheapest car available but it gives very good value. However if you’re just considering buying a new car, know what you are looking for. Even Forester is a very good car, it is not a perfect car. It really depends what type of features you keep important.

One very interesting aspect of this meet was to have very light offroading on the rock yard. Even if it does not look much on the photo, I wouldn’t bring a car with regular ground clearance there. There were some deep holes on the ground and big rocks every now and then. Only thing I was worried about was how sharp those rocks are. I was on regular street tyres. Luckily I did not get any punctures to the tires.

Thank you!

Such a great opportunity to meet new people. Hopefully we can make this type of meeting again and take some photos of the great cars! And maybe invite some new people.

Really looking forward to getting better times globally. Who knows if it could be possible to arrange a proper e-Boxer meeting in the sunset next time.


  1. Nice read, thank you. So, what are the dirt collecting places you were told about, and the ones you already knew about?


      1. That’s very hardcore method! But I guess this is how you need to do it if want to avoid scratches. Thanks for sharing this video. Reminded me about one draft which has been under writing almost a year for now. So I decided to finish it up and publish.


      2. This guy is doing detailing for a living, he also got his own range of shampoos and all sorts of lubricants and waxes… His approach is somewhat more scientific, something comes from the experience via trial and error.
        In any case, I personally found his videos highly informative. Somethings I have always known on subconscious level, some things came as very logical and easy to understand. Not many people are sharing the “trade secrets” free of charge.
        As for us, owners of the fabulous Forester, would be a shame to scratch your car out of too much love, wiping the dust with dry cloth for example, I have seen others do so many times… It is like using the sanding paper over your paint which is there to protect the body of your car.
        Maybe he is going too far, maybe not in any case being informed is a good thing and it will help prevent an accidental damage to you paint.

        Automatic car wash for me is out of the question.

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