Interview: Subie And YOU! Podcast

Instagram is a truly wonderful resource to connect other Subaru enthusiasts! This time I found Subaru related podcast. I am sure this is one of a kind. There is no other podcast like this, which focuses only to Subaru cars and their owners. Without further ado, let’s jump in to this interview!

Please introduce yourself
Hello, my name is Rafael Ruiz

You are hosting Subie & YOU! Podcast, what is it all about
It is a Subaru themed podcast where I interview people about their Subarus and ask about their mods, why they bought a Subaru, places they enjoy going in their cars, etc.  I also have started to interview Subaru centered businesses as well to find out about why they sell only Subaru aftermarket products.  I will also interview other business that sell aftermarket products to all types of vehicles, including Subarus, especially where Subarus use those products.

Where you got idea for the podcast
When I first bought my Crosstrek, I saw that a lot of people on Instagram are very passionate about their cars by sharing pictures and captions.  I was wondering if they would love to talk about their cars on a podcast where they can share a lot more information and share their love and passion for their cars.

How long you have been doing the podcast
I released the first episode on Monday, January 4, 2021 so now it’s been over four months.

You seem to do 3 to 5 episodes per month. Is it time consuming process to do all the edits
That is correct.  I release a new episode every Monday.  It can be time consuming.  I do research on each guest and put together questions, record the episode with the guest, then I listen through the entire episode again to edit.  I also put in information from each of the cars such as their mods with links and a brief description of the episode.

How do you find persons to be interviewed
I have reached out to people to ask them to be on, but I have had many reach out to me to ask to be on the podcast.

Are your guests mostly from the United States or do you have guests also from other countries
So far they have only been from the United States, but I am open to and would like to have guests from all over the world.

Your guests seem to have very good mods installed. What is the most interesting mod so far they have had
Yes, there are a lot of really good mods on the cars.  The most interesting has to be Dakota, who goes by @offkilterracing  He owns a 2006 Subaru Baja and for a skidplate under the front of his car to protect his engine he used a pedestrian sign. haha

Do you do also offroad trips with your Subaru
I have done very few offroading in my car.  I live in Houston and there isn’t much here, but there is a trail called Cheeseburger Loop north of Houston and it has a short trail that is pretty fun.  I have included a picture from the trail.

Why did you choose Crostrek instead of Forester / Outback or even any other brand
 I saw an orange Crosstrek in 2013 when I was coming back from lunch one day and I immediately liked the car.  I really liked the orange color and the black accents on the car.  Ever since then I liked the Crosstrek.  Years later I started watching YouTube videos of stcok Crosstreks driving offroad and was very impressed with their capabilities.  There were also roads in the town where we have our family reunions and I wasn’t able to go down those roads with my other car but I knew if I had a Crosstrek I could go down those roads and explore.  I also knew it could take me places other cars could not.

What is the best feature in the Crostrek
That’s a tough one because there is so much I like about it, and very hard to choose, but I think I would have to say the back end of the car, the lights and shape.

Anything else you would like to say to Adventureforester blog readers
I want to say thank you very much for the opportunity to talk to you on your blog and for asking me to do this.  The Subaru community is also very amazing and I have connected with so many wonderful people, and they have been so amazing in their support of the podcast.  Lastly, give the Subie & YOU! Podcast a listen if you haven’t had a chance.

Thank you Subie & YOU! Podcast

Thank you so much Rafael for your support and time! Adventureforester blog highly recommends to listen Subie & YOU! Podcast. Podcast is done with great quality and audio. And it does have a very interesting and good content too.

You can find it from all the major podcast platforms.


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